Sunday, January 6, 2013

Interlude (including spoilers of last 2 chapters of Vol.5 Junketsu Kareshi 純血+彼氏 manga)

Just a bit of interlude from my normal post.

I really really hope that my goal to provide a summary of upcoming chapters of Junketsu Kareshi will come true. So I hope I can brush up on my Nihongo and do more. I am hopeless in real translation at the moment (too busy with upcoming Sr. Project and I just skim and understand) so all I can do is give something, a taste, to readers of Junketsu Kareshi (純血+彼氏)who cannot get their hands on the manga (and maybe some translations wouldn't be amiss! If they're off the mark, I'm sorry and please correct me. My Nihongo still needs brushing up.). Currently, I have read and re-read volume 5. Waiting for 2013 release of volume 6. I shall need my trusty friend to help me out though, as she has a much, much better grasp at higher level Nihongo as well as their culture.

So for now, I shall put a small SPOILER here. Please drag your mouse and highlight to read as I won't spoil you unless you want to be:


Okay, this volume is mostly about Kana's memories towards the end. I think she is finally remembering them.

In Volume 5 - chapter 21( 過ぎ越しの祭 - Passover), we find out towards the end that the cross that Aki wears originally belonged to Kana. In this chapter also, Kana was introduced to her class as a new student. Little Kana was alienated upon the discovery of the cross she wears around her neck (which Aki later on possess). It has a significance (which I forgot. I'll go dig it later...). Poor her... So Eriya (we see him in this chapter) was the only one who spent time with her. 

We also got to know that the Tsubakiin clan goes way deeper with the two brothers, Aki and Eriya. Also- from what I can understand (later in chapter 22), Eriya seems to grow up relatively alright but Aki had the opposite (but that's just my conjecture). He was swathed in bandages that covered his eyes and various parts of his body. But that may be because of the beliefs of people at the time that twins are bad omens.

At the end of the chapter, Kana and Aki meet for the first time.

Then in Volume 5  chapter 22 (Longing), we continue where we we left off in the previous chapter. Kana's first meeting with Aki.

When Kana first met Aki, she was on the ground having fallen after she absently kicked a rock. Aki helped carry her. When they arrived at the brothers' home, he unceremoniously dropped her on the ground (ouch!). Eriya welcomed Aki home. He seems like he is quite protective of Aki and cares about him.... but I'm not sure if the affection is genuine, whether it is brotherly love or possessive.

Anyway, as Aki nonchalantly walked away (presumably inside the house), Eriya spots Kana on the ground. When she asked him about Aki, Eriya's answer (and the artwork showed him to to have this glassy(?) eyes), was that Aki is his older twin. 

Shall I get you say 'why? oh why??' if I tell you that Kana said she likes Eriya and then gives the cross to Aki? Well, it happened after Eriya kissed her (while Aki was still trying to find her). It's suspicious, actually - why she suddenly said that after she was kissed by Eriya. Just a few frames before, she was talking about 'kiss' and 'Aki' along the same lines.

Oh and the incident had upset Aki. Then megane-kun made an appearance. He said something that shocked Aki. Notice that he's also playing on words. Here it is:

"アキ"とは 衿夜様(えりやさま)の」


I think it can be translated into (taking into account the relationship between the two sentences): 
"Aki is Eriya-sama's...

"I should say.. you are meant to be his empty vessel"

Either that or both sentences put together would mean something like, "Aki is Eriya-sama's empty vessel." Looks like I'll wait for the official translation from turtleparadise.

The final page of this chapter shows Kana finally awake. 

Here's a transcript of the last page:

(Top frame) Kana:


(Bottom frame) Someone who looks like a Kitsune yokai:

「おや やっと 目覚(めざ)めたか」





That was...

My memories...?

"Oh! You've woken up at last..."

"Princess of Slaves."

[To be continued in Volume 6]


So that's it! I guess I spoiled you enough.... but we'll wait for turtle paradise's official release, ne?

In case you need to refresh your memories, the volumes of the manga are as follow:
Volume 1 - Chapters 1 - 4
Volume 2 - Chapters 5 - 9
Volume 3 - Chapters 10 - 13
Volume 4 - Chapters 14 - 17
Volume 5 - Chapters 18 - 22
Volume 6 - 2013 release

Until next time! Ja ne!