Friday, December 28, 2012

K anime, Episode 13 [FINAL] in a nutshell (Spoiler warning)

It's Friday, December 28th. Which means 'K' anime has ended.

[WARNING: Spoilers ahead. Proceed at your own risk!] *Screenshots are added to this post*

In a nutshell, the battle between Kings continues with two new additions of Sword of Damocles. I'm sure you already anticipate who those two are. Weismann, as we already know, takes in Kuroh as his clansman on top of Neko. However, in the end, only a King can kill another King. We see a lot of self-sacrifice in this episode (and cue fans crying). Weismann asking Mikoto to kill him (implicitly) and after that, Mikoto making Munakata kill him. We don't know for sure if Weismann is really dead... because Weismann is, after all, the Immortal King.

Shiro saying that he is the Immortal King before he goes off to the fight

Shiro/Weismann intervening the fight
Shiro kept the colorless king inside him... to allow Mikoto to kill him :'(

My thoughts?

Why??? Why?? Oh why??

It's been a while since I cried watching anime. The final episode of the pilot season of K made me cry. I want to see Shiro, Weismann and Mikoto again! [Just so... if you notice, I did say PILOT season. They've received the green light for a 2nd season] Well, they better do a 2nd season... lots of things went into my mind... if they did die, what happened to the bodies? And then there's the light in the sky... they better not give me hope and take it away...

By the way, I concur with Munakata when he said, 'Don't give me that garbage with that peaceful look on your face' in reply to Mikoto who said, 'Sorry for making you do the dirty work.'

The aftermath... Awashima was so happy to see him alive

Munakata and Mikoto... T_T
Really... I feel you Munakata. C'mon, Mikoto... seriously? [and I feel Munakata is a nice person, who, bar all the King nonsense, would've been friends with Mikoto.] Just look at Munakata's expression as he said, 'Wasn't there something else that you could have done?'

And the scene between the two of them... T_T uwaaa!!!

Anna and Neko's reactions to the loss of their Kings really made me cry. [Neko: I'm bringing this back to Shiro!!, Ana: Mikoto!]

Also, I do agree with Awashima's view on the Kings. Theirs is a sad existence - to the point that only other Kings can relate to them. Weissman's thoughts on his research back then on the King powers really got to me. It reminds me that sometimes, even the best intentions can bring devastating consequences.

I hope that a second season of K does come to fruition. I want to watch more, I want to see Weismann, I want Shiro!! Oh, and another helping of Munakata and Kuroh. =P

Some more screenshots for your viewing pleasure!

Kuroh's expression when he tries to explain to Neko that Shiro isn't around anymore

Fushimi's expression... are? Isn't that Kuroh and Neko? Probably one of Neko's illusions

Brought tears to my eyes! As Mikoto's right hand man, this tribute couldn't have been more fitting.

Anna saying, 'A lovely red'. Couldn't agree more... :')

For now, I'll just enjoy the incredible songs from K. So if the producers are listening, please, please, don't go back on your promise for a 2nd season!

To feed you K fans' appetites, visit takosekuhara's Tumblr where lots of K related stuff are posted. Don't forget to like kAnimeGoRaProject on Facebook too! Lots of news and whatnots are posted there. Until then, mata ne~!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Comic Fiesta 2012 (Day 2) - The excitement never ends...

Day 2: The fun continues...
I learned my lesson and boarded the LRT from Bangsar by 8am. We arrived around 8.15am and stopped by the bakery for breakfast. This time, I brought in a friend to become my photographer!

So we waited outside the KLCC Convention Center, munching on breakfast at the park. We only queued at 9am. Having tickets made it so much easier and I got to sit down much closer to the entrance and got in much earlier when the doors opened at 10.30am.

This stage event occurred much later.. hehe
As usual, I missed the opening ceremony. I was looking for my friends who were down the long line, having queued up around 9.30am. Once they were inside, it was a go. =)

For Day 2, I didn't exactly buy much. What I did buy was this:

See that black marker where I slashed 1 and made it 2? Yeah, t'was a  my work. hahaha
I didn't get the chance to watch the Solo Cosplay Competition Prelims and Finals. Reason: I joined the Animax 3-episode marathon. So Animax Asia offered either Kamisama Hajimemashita (神様始めました), Tonari no Kaibutsukun (隣の怪物くん) or Skip Beat (スキップ・ビーっト). There were goodies offered and I really love them. They're so useful!

This was given away to participants of the 3-episode marathons. I used it to stash away all items procured from CF2012. =P

These were given away to those who passed by the Animax booth
In the final hour, I actually went around the halls with Jian to take more pictures, especially GSC and Culture Japan.

Here are shots taken at the Culture Japan booth:

Mirai Itasha!

... But we didn't manage to get any GSC shot.


Oh, now I remember. While getting shots of CJ, I got roped in to play Moekana. =P

And finally, I got to see my friend ... finally! She's a volunteer at CF2012 so she is rather busy. Here's a picture of us!

We finally meet again!

I would've liked to stay there longer but I had an errand to run. Busy, busy, busy. I'm always busy. It's a wonder that I actually find time to blog and actually attend ACG events. So around 3.10pm, I called it a day. Yeah, they were holding a NCA Prize-Giving Ceremony then but errands were more important to me. Meh...

Which, by the way, meant I missed out on the meet and greet of Bless4. I can't believe it. Bless4 comes here and I still can't see them. Dang. Oh, and on the way out, I saw fans lining up to get Redjuice's autograph. They bought the artbook over at Coffytiam and were waiting for him to sign. Oh, if I wasn't trying to curb my expenses, I would've bought the artbook and lined up for him to sign it! =S

With me leaving around that time, it meant that I missed out on the activities after 3.30pm. T_T

So ends Day 2 of CF2012 - for me anyway. I really had fun and I hope to be around next year when it is held again. ^^ I said my goodbyes to my new friends and hope that next year, we'll see each other again! By that time, our friendship won't be new anymore. =P Thanks to the CF2012 committee who made this event possible and running smoothly!

And Monday, 24th December 2012 is supposed to be CJ Night Malaysia... at 5.00pm somewhere in Cheras. Due to Christmas deliveries (and the exhaustion from the weekend spent on my feet, in moderately tall wedge boots) I wasn't able to make it.

The next time it's around, I'm determined to make it. Yosh!

Some photo spam at the end of this post!

Caption this! [Umm.. is he striking my soul from the list?]


Neko-chan from K!
Really, I don't know where Chihiro is...
Was told this is Beatrice

Sebastian and Ciel!
Just look at the crowd moving! (And you can see Coffytiam's sign over the horizon.. hehe)

Monday, December 24, 2012

Comic Fiesta 2012 (Day 1) ~ A day of fun and many things!

It's the biggest and longest running ACG event in Malaysia. What else is there to say... other than awesome?

[An informal, personal take on the event. Will try to post a more formal report after my take on both days... maybe. hehe]

A little bit of background before we get into the juicy parts! So what's Comic Fiesta? It is the longest running ACG (Animation, Comics and Games) gathering in Malaysia. At Comic Fiesta, you will find cosplayers, art booths, commercial booths (like CJ - Culture Japan, GSC - Good Smile Company, Animax).

No pictures to share on the event for Day 1. I didn't have a camera with me (it broke down and now it's no longer usable). But I'll share pictures of my loots! Everything I bought are mostly from Day 1. And links to others who do have pictures will be included.

So... what happened?

It was a Saturday (22 Dec 2012). I got off at KLCC LRT Station at 8.30am from Gombak Station. When I arrived at the KLCC Convention Center, I was... speechless. Thank God I pre-ordered my tickets. So I didn't have to queue outside on that very long line reaching up to the Suria KLCC 'lake'.

Inside, it was another queue to pick up my tickets...

CF2012 Pre-ordered tickets! Whoppee!

... and another queue to get in. Doors opened that day at 10.30am (and everyone did a countdown to it!).

The first thing I did? Risking missing the opening ceremony, I queued at Culture Japan booth (see here for the merchandise sold) to get the Mirai Touch'nGo (and the Moekana carry case). It was a ridiculously long queue... but well worth it. =P (By the way, if you'd like to see what his booth looked like during the day itself, feel free to visit his Facebook page!

It was during this queue that I made new friends (comrades!). - Yes, I find it pretty easy to just strike up a conversation with a total stranger and end up being friends. I like to do it! Initially it was because my new friend was confused with the line so she asked me to help, but then it became so much more. I ended up spending the whole day with her!

When we reached the counter (after I bought the carry case), well, all that was available was the Tora ver. Touch'nGo.

Mirai (Tora ver.) Touch'nGo
Mirai Carry Case (cheerleader ver.)

I didn't get Mirai's winking pose that I so wanted! But oh well, something is better than nothing. Apparently, the distributors didn't expect it would sell out so quickly and they had to bring in their machine to print them. After 400 cards , the machine went 'boom!' (or so I'm told).

Behold! The power of ACG fans! =P

After that, it was a period of waiting for another comrade, Wennin... so we walked around... sightseeing... and did some shopping. =P

Inception: Mirai cheerleader... and Mirai cheerleader? =P 


Yatogami Kuroh... from K
Some bunny phone strap I got... Clueless as to its name.. =P

[Day 1 was supposed to be a day that I met Carmen, my long-time friend from French class 4 years ago... but it didn't come to fruition. Instead, I made new friends. How's that? ^^]

Anyway, there were performances by Flying Pan, Temjin to name a few (I didn't get to listen to Harmonia, Nissa Addina and Shiomaru). Some of the songs I got to listen to were from Rurouni Kenshin (Sobakasu, 1/3 Junjou na Kanjou). Brings back memories!

Also, Group Cosplay Competition! Hahaha. Well... my only comment was.. one of them was so moving.. I can't really say much about the others... But kudos to all of them who worked hard for their performance! I can't hold a candle to them so I salute them for being courageous and talented to bring their ideas to life.

The 2.00pm slot was what I was looking up to. Danny Choo on Culture Japan. A photo of it can be found here. I can't find myself in the picture. hehe. Probably somewhere far right... His talk was very inspiring (especially since some people think I'm too grown up for ACG) and even Jimmy Choo attended his talk! (Mhmm.. Big nod to him for being so supportive!)

Also, as I already know from his posts on his website, the Mirai Airlines! Aww.. かわいい!!

We also got the chance to see the preview for Japan Mode and Culture Japan. Now I wish I had Star World so I could watch Japan Mode. =S

Next up was Bushiroad. Bushiroad is famous for Cardfight Vanguard, if you don't know already. I really appreciate the big boss's effort to speak in English to us who have elementary knowledge in Nihongo. =D Sadly, my legs were cramping and I wanted to do a final walkaround the halls before I call it a day. So, I left mid-way. Gomen ne... but I did listen from afar ^^

However, I did stay long enough to know that Cardfight Vanguard is airing on TV2 on Sundays at 8.30am. So folks who love the show can now tune in to TV2 at those times.

Then at 4.00 pm was the slot for Redjuice. Don't know him?? Then you better visit his Deviantart. He is noted for his character designs in Guilty Crown (and I love those designs!). Although the story seemed to start off like a bang! and suddenly my expectations went down.... but no matter, I still love the designs.

I didn't stay long for Redjuice, my stomach was growling from staying inside the halls all day - and I didn't buy anything from their cafe (by the way, thanks Karyee for offering a snack for me ^^). Once I saw his face on stage, I was happy enough and went out... calling it a day. Which is why I missed out on 4 performances, SF4AE Fighting Game Finals and freeplay.

Anyhow, I somehow survived the day with some help from the guide we were provided with:

Event Survival Guide, complete with Stage Schedule (Copyright: Comic Fiesta 2012)

Bless4's performance was at 8.30pm. As I just stated, I didn't make it . I had to be home early so yes, I missed it. I also missed dinner with my friends... =( Maybe next time! When I don't have to rush home via LRT and KTM so that someone else could fetch me home...

So this wraps up Day 1 for me at CF2012. Stay tuned for Day 2!

#Update: You can go here to read more on CF2012~!

Monday, November 19, 2012


Things don't always stay as memories. They sometimes come back and make you feel that same emotions all over again.

I'm in post-Pride and Prejudice fever - again.

So now I'm supposed to be editing videos for my assignment in interviewing class, but all I want to do is watch all those dramas and movies that had Matthew Macfadyen on it. Really, I kid you not.

Because he played Mr. Darcy so well! hahaha

Now getting on to business.

I haven't updated my blog in ages!

There is something in particular that I wanted to say here months ago. I actually bought 純血+彼氏 (Junketsu+Kareshi AKA Pureblood Boyfriend) Volume 5 back in August. The Japanese version of the manga, mind you.

Here's how it looks like:

[Please note that the above is a picture taken from Kinokuniya web store. I haven't scanned any pages for the purpose of this blog.]

It now gets quite exciting. What does Kana have to do with Aki and Eriya? How did they meet? What about Aki's past? It's partly answered in this volume towards the end.

The next volume (6) will be released early next year. I already can't wait for it to arrive at Kinokuniya Malaysia. I really want to know!! Shouto-sensei... please, you're putting me in suspense!

That volume is on my list of things to buy at Kinokuniya. My next trip will be in December, largely due to attending the Comic Fiesta 2012 at the KLCC Convention Center. I pre-ordered 2 tickets - for both days. Heaven knows when I'll collect it. Probably the day before CF2012 Day 1.

In that same capacity, I shall put Biburia volume 4 to my list of things to buy at Kinokuniya. Together with Saiunkoku Monogatari light novels, I think. I really should get them before all they give me is the picture-less Saiunkoku Monogatari novel. Believe me, I actually ordered volume 1 and what I got was a novel... with no pictures! Although it was slightly cheaper than the previous version, I'd have paid the extra penny to actually have the images.

On another topic... I have started to dabble a bit in drawing. And photoshop painting. My first painting using photoshop is here:

This was done in tribute to my friend who looked so lovely in kimono during our college's cultural night. Future work will be posted on my deviantart account, missyuuka.

Now, to get back to video editing.... I feel as if college is teaching me to be a Jack (or Jill?) of all trades. Seriously, video editing for dummies should be published sometime soon. =P

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Is it me? or is it you?

It probably is a bit of both. 

When my sister told me, "Along, ever since you studied psychology and comm, you've been more patient in listening to my problems."

Yes, that's what she said.

I guess, studying whatever it is in college/university would always (almost) apply to your everyday life. Believe you me, I didn't notice whatever change she told me.

So in the end, the knowledge that you gain can be applicable not only to your job, but also your life and your relationships.

Sometimes I feel angry (I am human), sometimes I'm sad, and sometimes I'm happy. But one of the things that I hold is that sometimes, people just need someone to listen to them - like a sounding board. I've probably unconsciously learned to listen to the root of some of people's (those that I know) problems and instead of feeling angry at their lamentations, their frustrations, I take it as a wall/board (whatever you want to call it) that people just need to talk to.

There are those who bottle up their feelings and there are also those who prefer to tell someone. It's OK.

So if you want to complain (and I do it too!), talk to someone you trust. No one trusty? There's always God. There were many times when no one was willing to listen, when no one wanted to see me cry, when people cast me aside and condemned me, I turned to God. And in return, when I'm happy, the first thing to do should always be Alhamdulillah. Praise be to God. Because He is always there to listen. Human beings come and go, some will stop to listen to you and don't like you anymore... but God? God will always listen. Remember Him and His call, and He will remember you.

And each one of us is different, so even if you cry, even if you feel frustrated, it's your feelings. No one can tell you not to feel, no one can tell you not to cry. Even I cry sometimes, and it is one of the ways I let go of my burdens. People handle things differently, we don't do everything the same way like droids do. It's what makes us human.

Having said that, I think my change in perspective has allowed me to be more understanding (hopefully). Even when mom gets angry, I was thinking of what made her angry rather than why she should be angry.

And if you don't have a grandma who forgets easily, you probably won't be as understanding to people who keeps repeating themselves. Just my two cents. Life comes full circle. I've learned to accept things, having experienced burnout (of the worst kind for me!) and staying with an elderly who repeats what she says every few minutes. One day, it could be you. Being around people like that have opened up my eyes!

So all I'm saying is that to feel is to be human. Those feelings that you have... don't take it for granted. One day, if you think that you're unable to feel, remember those moments, happy moments that really impacted your life.

I'm also saying that to forget is to be human. Humans are forgetful creatures, even I sometimes forget what I wanted to get from the fridge! LOL

At the end of the day, we aren't perfect creatures. We fall, we break, we cry, but we also laugh, smile and be content. We survive, and we live (or lived). At the end of the day, it's not that perfection that I think I want, I think... I think I want contentment. To be happy with what I have (with good reason!) and to always be thankful for the little blessings. I want to be able to be with my friends at their highest and lowest moments  (and in between) because I want to be thankful for the life I've lead and the friends I've got. Even if they want to call to vent. I don't mind. =P

After all, life on earth is lived only once (though maybe not for Hindus and Buddhists), so appreciate, appreciate and appreciate!

Monday, September 3, 2012

PC Fair Midvalley 2012, Taylor's Lakeside Asaban Fest Day 2 and a day out with cousin and friend.

An exhausting day, a long trip, a long day, but having macchiato with cousin and getting the loots that I wanted was worth it.

It was on Sunday that I went Taylor's Lakeside Asaban Fest and PC Fair Midvalley 2012.

After getting lost for about half of an hour trying to get to Taylor's Lakeside at Sunway, my cousin and I decided to just go ahead to the PC Fair first (we actually took a wrong turn and it turned out to be the federal highway leading to Bangsar).

Breakfast at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (Caramel Macchiato!) and then it was PC Fair all the way!

The crowd was packed! Turns out they were lining up with a voucher to get the KAV USB 2012 for only RM1. So THAT's why....

My main purpose of going to the PC fair was to get a fair deal on an external drive to back-up all those important files and clear up my PC. So, armed with enough cash and focus zeroed on WD booth, I surveyed the price and bought the 1TB My Passport for RM299 (after an RM20 discount from a lucky draw) with a sleeve added in FOC. Finally!

The 1TB My Passport

So far, it's good. The backup feature is a plus for me so I think it was worth my penny.

I was fortunate to have stuck to my resolve to only buy food from Coffee Bean and get the external drive. Otherwise, I would have spent a lot more than I was prepared to. (Imagine, an 8GB pendrive for only RM15!)

My cousin went with me to survey macbooks, but unfortunately they did not open any booth there. So we surveyed other notebooks that are good enough (with processors of at least 2.8Ghz) for her to do her design work -she's a graphic design student. But all we got was flyers - LOTS of it. 

Anyway, we were stuck there for hours. I think we were at Midvalley until 2pm. Then I thought it was high time to chow. It was a headache how some people (or a lot) were persistent and pushing us to buy something. I still needed to get my stuff at Taylor's Lakeside.

So, well.... I think I almost gave up going to that place. Sign boards were few and far in between and then it only appeared at the fork (and covered by a tree branch!). I don't think I'll be going to another Asaban there. Too much headache to reach that place.

Maybe I'll just stick to AFA and Comic Fiesta (or maybe AniManGaki). - which reminds me: I need to reserve my ticket to CF2012 for either days.

Having experienced both AFA and AniManGaki... I think it was OK. But I still prefer AFA (hopefully they'll have another one next year!) provided they improve in future. I'll see about CF2012 this December.

Now, moving on...


I don't know why but I really like it when she wears any version of seifuku. =P I only ever know her online through a friend and then our interactions have been limited to FB. She also cosed as pikachu on Day 1 of Asaban. Check out her page! ;) (P.S. Jian, she also said hi to you. You remember you told me to tell her that you said hi?)

And here's the loot that I got from her (finally!). 

The cute badges and bookmarks! Talented eh? =)

I was so pumped up to get these from her, and since I didn't manage to get them at AniManGaki 2012, I braved the confusing road to Taylor's Lakeside and paid for these stuff I reserved from her. ^^

Kyu-erien(キューエリエン) is such a nice person up front. I am very happy and glad that I got to meet her in person. She speaks so clearly and she seems so genuine. I'll be glad to get more of her works in future.

By the way, this is what I got on Friday so that I always have some food stashed in my room:

Some small marshmallows and green tea KitKat. The marshmallows need to be replenished now. hehe

The last time I tasted the green tea KitKat was when Jian's mom brought it back from Japan. It tasted so good I wanted more. I finally got the opportunity when I saw a pack of these at Candylicious 1Utama. Bear in mind that it costs RM25 for a pack of 12. Bit expensive no? Of course (but I will buy it only when I have extra money to spend).

So that's it for now! I'll be sure to post more stuff anime/doujinshi/Japan related and more. I might be doing a wee bit of a review on Achhi Kocchi! =) but I'll see. So far I love it. I think I might join Haruno each time Io gives his smile. You unknowing (oblivious!) cassanova! 

Thursday, August 30, 2012

[Unpublished] Teaser of the Sequel to Their Promise Ch.2

Writing is just too hard to resist! Can't help but want to give all of you a glimpse of Chapter 2 ^^

OK, so I decided to post a teaser of an unfinished Chapter 2 of the Sequel to Their Promise. The sequel will also have a special chapter. So Chapters 1 and 2 and a special chapter. This means we'll have 3 chapters in total! My muse hasn't returned as of yet, so until then, this remains to be seen. This chapter's about 70% done. I just need more ideas to fill in the empty spaces. =)

And here's a picture of them from Nodame Cantabile Finale (it's my screen cap of it. =P)

So without further ado, here's the teaser for Chapter 2 of the Sequel to Their Promise!


“Chiaki, I take it back.”

Puzzled, Chiaki couldn’t help but ask, “Take what back?”

“I’m not naming her Riona. Instead, I have a better idea,” Nodame answered with a smile. “How about Shiori?”


“Because she is proof of how far we’ve come. She’s just like a poem that is written, telling others our story.”

Looking at their newborn child, he gently caressed the pink cheeks. “Shiori...” he tested the name with his tongue. “You’ll be just perfect.”

A/N: [1] The kanji for Shiori’s name is 詩織.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

AniManGaki 2012 Day 2

After AFAMY 2012, I guess I'm no longer in the excited mode... just interested! I think I'm getting used to this sort of thing...

So I decided to attend it after all. =P I was looking forward to Kyu-erien(キューエリエン)'s badges and bookmarks so I was pumped up to go (though in the end I didn't get 'em... but I will next time!).

Sorry, not much pictures except for the stuff I bought. hehe

My friend (Jian) and I were very early to avoid the jam (and potential traffic in the parking lots). We were there at around 8.30am! Since none of the shops were opened yet (and we were pretty hungry), we went walking around, getting familiarized with the place so we'd remember where we parked, and how to get to the Sunway Pyramid Convention Center.

We bought the tickets while the line was still short and people were scarce. 

We finally entered at around 10am, give or take.

Omatsuri section was there (though I didn't pick a fortune), but Jian did. She was so happy hers had good things to say.

Comic Fiesta 2012 opened up a booth near the entrance to the hall, and there was Little Akiba there as well! Here's the loot I got from Little Akiba: Moekana!

See the card next to it? ^^ I was soooo happy when I saw it. It was a special card I got as a bonus for buying Moekana then. (AniManGaki 2012 theme was high school)

While I'm ok with hiragana already, I bought the pack since it's too かわいい and that the words there should help me increase my vocabulary.

Anyway, that was during the 2nd round of going through AniManGaki 2012 after lunch. For Jian and I, we both went to Starbucks for a much needed coffee break (and while I can't consume much coffee for health reasons, I still got myself the Mocha Praline Frappucino). 

We also thought it would be fun to sit for the AniManGakuen test (beginners). I think we forgot a few, but it's ok!

While my Jian bought quite a few stuff, I satisfied myself with this badge:

This is Mio from K-On! =P She's just so shy that I can't resist not having her badge!
[Note: This is not Kyu-erien(キューエリエン)'s. Hers is too kawaii to put here. Go like her page!]

I'm looking forward to Kyu-erien(キューエリエン)'s badges and bookmarks though!

And I think we saw the duo who won the RCC Preliminaries at AFAMY last June, cosplaying as Ciel and Sebastian. We instantly recognized them, having analyzed cosplay culture then for our assignment. They were dressed as Ciel and Sebastian again! I melted hehehehe. I think I saw a recorded footage of it here. But nothing beats watching them perform live though. =D

So that's it! I'm too lazy to write anything about the AFAMY 2012 last June. We were there for an assignment, and enjoyed every last minute of it. ^^ Looking forward to the next AFAMY (hopefully!). But here's a picture from our last adventure (AFAMY 2012).

Come to think of it, didn't I see him at the AniManGaki 2012 just now? (as well?) 
[Forgive my picture there,  I was lugging around a bag filled with materials for our assignment]

If everything goes well, Comic Fiesta 2012 here I come! I'm only going for one of the two days since I'm planning to go to Kinokuniya on one of those days as well. I can only plan, the rest, I leave it to god.

Until next time then ^^

Saturday, August 18, 2012


It has come to my attention that several malicious and explicit sites have been abusing the link to my weblog. I find that those sites have been the sources of traffic for my blog. I am very, very disappointed and sad that this happened. The intention of this blog was to update my readers on FF.Net and for expressing opinions also. I wish Google can do something about this (or rather the team at blogger). So now I have disabled the blog from being indexed by search engines to hopefully put an end on this.

Disgruntled, unhappy, but gotta do it.

Hopefully tomorrow will bring better days.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

[Unpublished] Sequel to Their Promise Ch.1

I don’t own Nodame Cantabile. If I did, I wouldn’t need to write a fanfic. All rights go to Ninomiya-sensei. I only own the plot.
AU – It doesn't happen YET, manga-verse. It's just my imaginations running wild. There are some references (SPOILERS!) to Opera-hen, and a few chapters towards the end of Nodame Cantabile (the ones before Opera-hen).
Title: Untitled - Yet unpublished at FF.Net, unbeta-ed. Will wait until all 4/5 chapters have finished. =)
Verse: Sequel to Their Promise
Author: C. I.

Chapter 1

It had been a while since they last played together. Nodame had become a celebrated pianist, while he had earned more recognition for his conducting.

He vaguely remembered his surprise when she turned up to play the celesta for his first opera. His subsequent close-to-a-proposal speech that came after had somewhat surprised himself, but at the same time, felt right. Then, she went on to continue playing, her sometimes childish whims belaying the fact that she was now more mature than the person she was all those years ago.

He had cancelled some of his engagements in order to study with Viera-sensei. He worked hard, learning the ways of the opera with his sensei, and at the same time, worked with other orchestras. Elize had given him hell for being ‘reckless’ and like Stresemann, would likely drive her nuts again.
‘But then, she drives me nuts too,’ thought Chiaki when Elize had given him one of her lectures.

Yet he managed to overcome all odds. He acknowledged that as a conductor, it would take time for him to be able to work with top-level orchestras. He knew it to be true when Elize told him that, and the same went when he told Nodame about it. He had apologized for being unable to perform together with her at the Philadelphia Orchestra. She had taken it in stride, saying she was sorry and that she would be going first.

But he had kept his promise. The night after their performance with the White Rose Troupe on the opera, Die Zauberflöte, he had told her that their first performance together would be with her playing a concerto.

He recalled saying, “Let’s make a promise, okay?”  The words: ‘Because I owe you so much’ [1] was what he told himself – the reason why he had asked her to make that promise with him.

And indeed he had owed her a lot. He owed her for that time, too. For making him realize what had been right in front of his eyes all those times - for making him realize his dreams and to see that he had her right by his side. Inwardly, he was touched when she said that giving up all those other engagements could mean his life. He knew it was a gamble, and that he risked giving up on steadily building his reputation as a renowned conductor. Yet, he knew that he had wanted to learn more about conducting for the opera. Yes, he was chasing something different, but it did not mean that he would give up conducting for the orchestra.

After he finished learning from Viera-sensei, he had given in to Elize’s idea of payback. She had made him perform in orchestras one after another, packing up his schedule like there was no tomorrow. Her face was filled with glee as she announced that she would make him make up for the ‘lost time’, as she put it.

‘Now I know how Stresemann felt. No wonder he was always running away from Elize’s iron fist,’ he thought at the time.

And that paid off. He was finally recognized as a leading conductor, and following that he was able to perform with the best orchestras around the world.

After a while, he found he couldn’t wait anymore. He had made a proper proposal one night. Although he did slip a ruby ring on her finger the night after their first performance for an opera, he felt he should make a more solid proposal. He was not asking her to make a promise with him the way he did before, but that fateful night, he wanted to ask her to be his wife. What better way to ask for her hand in marriage than the very thing that had first brought them together, and that was music. She had answered a ‘yes’ and so he had married Nodame beneath the blossoming Cherry Tree on a day that he recalled had weather that was just right.

So when they finally performed together with the Philadelphia Orchestra just as she dreamt it, he felt content. At the beginning of their relationship, she was persistent on performing with an orchestra together with him. Somehow, as their relationship progressed, he realized that that dream of hers had become his too.

A few days before their scheduled performance, his mother had called. She had bought tickets for Nodame’s parents, even flying over to the States with them to be able to watch them finally perform together.

‘Don’t worry, Chiaki. I’ve bought tickets for her parents. They’ll be on the plane with me and all has been taken care of –even their accommodation. Your uncle Miyoshi and your cousins will be there too.’
Oh, he remembered how devious his mother and a certain Nina Lutz had been. They were scheming behind his back, trying to get them together. He had a sneaking suspicion that Elize had a hand in it too, despite her being outwardly against them being together. But he couldn’t bring himself to be angry at them. In fact, if he must be honest with himself, he was rather thankful to them for bringing them together so that they could finally perform together alongside the Philadelphia Orchestra. Some of their friends were able to make it, namely Kuroki, Tanya, Kiyora and Mine. Kuroki was in Boston for a performance and Tanya had followed him, Kiyora had a concert in New York since the R*S Orchestra was on break, and Mine had decided to follow Kiyora since they had been together.

Just a few weeks prior to that memorable night, Nodame was having a concert in Paris, and he was busy with the Roux-Marlet Orchestra. He suspected that it was through Elize’s machinations that they were scheduled to perform together. His suspicions had proven true. In her usual tone, she produced an off-handed comment that more or less affirmed that she had requested the orchestra to collaborate with the both of them in a performance.

When he had asked further, she had gone on to say, ‘I handle her schedules and your schedules. Do the math.’

They had already been married at the time, but their scheduling conflicts always pulled them away from each other almost half of the time. So, he was pleasantly surprised when he found that a performance with Nodame was scheduled with the Philadelphia Orchestra.

He thought marrying her made his world complete, but having her perform a concerto with him guiding the orchestra made the picture perfect. After that, they were frequently paired together, often known as the ‘Golden Pair’. That meant they were able to spend more time together.

As he gazed upon his wife's figure, her hair mussed from sleep, and the unmistakable round stomach, he couldn't help but think of the future. With two people very much in love with music, he wondered if their child would love music too. He didn't care much whether the child would be a girl or a boy, but having the banter they had everyday was quickly fraying his nerves. He had been very tempted to say, 'It's a boy, Nodame!' for Nodame kept insisting that the baby would be a girl, citing the apparent fact that she had been craving for certain foods and how she had been seeing beautiful things in pink. Chiaki didn't think it amusing; in fact he thought it was absurd, but he decided to let his wife indulge in her whims.

Chiaki was very deeply entrenched in his musings that he hadn’t noticed the pair of sleepy brown eyes blinking away the misty call of slumber.

“Shinichi?” Nodame’s wispy voice broke his reverie.

“Uh? Yes… What is it?” Chiaki dazedly replied as he was brought out of his musings.

“I want to hear you play the piano.”

He rubbed his temple in obvious disbelief. Waking up in the middle of the night wanting him to play the piano? Every other pregnant women would have woken up wanting to eat whatever they craved, but here she was, awake and requesting him to play the piano. Sometimes he wondered what planet she came from and at times, felt exasperated. But when he gazed into her eyes he realized that he could never find it within himself to find her anything but endearing -not since he realized his own feelings toward her.

“Oh, alright.” He made a show of grumbling and a little displeasure, but inside, he couldn’t help but feel pleased that instead of wanting to hear other people play for her, she wanted him to play for her. No one else but he had the honor of fulfilling her whims and capturing her heart. Not even Lucas had the pleasure.

Nodame knew that despite that outward display of reluctance, Chiaki was secretly pleased to play for her. There was once piece he played for her after they had woken up the day after their wedding. The piece that was light and carefree, making her see swirls of bright light and making her want to waltz with her Chiaki.

They walked to the sitting room where a grand piano stood gleaming beautifully in black, on one shelf on one side stood a violin, and on another housed music scores arranged according to composers in alphabetical order and below it, discs and albums of classical works were arranged in the same way. Chiaki walked to the piano. He opened the lid, and after arranging it, seated himself on the leather and mahogany bench. Turning to Nodame, he asked, “Nodame, what would you have me play on the piano tonight?”

“Uhm... remember that piece you played the morning after our wedding night?”

Chiaki didn’t need anymore prompt after that. He clearly remembered the piece he had played for her, and it was also the piece that she had played after the fact in her own singing style. And so, the tune of Chopin’s Valse in A flat major echoed throughout the house they both resided.

Nodame sat on the armchair placed on the corner of the room beside the shelf housing Chiaki’s violin. As she listened to the flowing rhythm of the valse, she softly rubbed her belly.

“Listen to that, darling. That’s your father playing for us,” she whispered to her yet unborn child.

When the song ended, Chiaki turned to Nodame.

“Nodame, are you going to the final rehearsal this Thursday? I heard from Kuroki that you’re coming. His girlfriend told him. You’ve been spending your time with Tanya, haven’t you?”

“About Tanya, yes, I have. And as for the rehearsal, why not? It would be fun. I can’t stand sitting alone at home doing nothing.”

“Well, you won’t exactly do ‘nothing’. Remember that meeting that you need to have with Elize? You’re due soon, as Asakawa-sensei reminded us recently, so she needs to be informed. Then Elize could clear your schedule for the next few months or if you want, until the next year.”

“Come on, Chiaki. If I can make time for Puri Gorota and some piano, who says I can’t make time for your rehearsal? I’m your wife, and Elize can wait.”

“I tell you what: you can call Elize tomorrow morning and ask to see her in the evening. The dress rehearsal is on Thursday, and tomorrow’s Wednesday. That’s plenty of time to talk to her.”

“All right, I’ll do that -if only to get Elize off my back. She’s been so annoying lately -always asking me to quickly start playing soon. I have a feeling she’d want to drag me halfway ‘round the world if she had her way. But I don’t want that. Soon, we’ll have our baby and I don’t want to be halfway across the ocean if I can help it. Who’s going to spend time with little Riona if I’m not around while you’re busy?”

“Nodame! Stop naming our child that! I don’t want our baby to grow up knowing that her parents named her after a character from her mother’s favorite anime.”

“It’s perfect! She’s going to have the name whether you like it or not.”

“You don’t even know if it’s a girl or a boy!”

“Well it was you who didn’t want to know the gender in the first place. And I have a hunch. It’s going to be a girl and that’s that. Now why don’t you play me another song?”

Chiaki shook his head in exasperation, all the while muttering under his breath, “You’re really impossible.”

As he turned to face the piano again, Chiaki asked Nodame, “Any particular song that you’d want me to play now?”

“Anything you want.”

And so, Chiaki placed a finger from his left hand on E flat, and began the affectionate Liebesträume no.3 that was composed by Franz Liszt. It had become one of his favorite compositions ever since he married her. The song, also called Dreams of Love, was the song he played when he needed a reminder through his music on how much she mattered to him. Outside of that, he would always look for that part of her he always loved; the part that had also brought him to love her unconditionally.

When dawn broke, Chiaki, having slept little the previous night fulfilling Nodame’s sudden request to have him play the piano was a little grouchy. Despite that, he went through with the sudden urge to run his hand through his wife’s hair and leant a little to peck her on her cheek, and wished her a good morning. She only mumbled an incoherent response and resumed her slumber.

He checked the time; it was already 8 a.m. and if he didn’t get a move on, he would definitely be late for the day’s rehearsal. His steps were silent as he opened the window to let the morning air in as he made it to the closet and prepared for the day, picking out a simple white shirt and a pair of dress pants. After a refreshing shower and clearing the muck out of his mouth, he finally dressed for the day and prepared the necessary items before making his way to the kitchen to make the much needed espresso. That espresso machine he got himself had been especially useful since he hadn’t had the time to make his morning visits to the cafe he used to frequent since two months ago.

His morning caffeine fix helped him wake up some and he fixed breakfast for both of them, knowing that his wife would likely make onigiri all day if she had her way. Having done that and eaten his portion, he wrote a short note to Nodame to let her know that he would be back before dinner. So with the car keys on hand, Chiaki left his slumbering wife to her dreams of Puri Gorota.

It was a little after nine in the morning when Nodame finally woke. The sun shone through the open window. She hummed in contentment as she basked in the warmth of the sunlight.

‘Hmm... Chiaki must have opened the window. Strange, he’s been doing that often these days.’

She stretched a little, getting rid of the kinks in her joints.

‘It’s a wonderful day to get some fresh air,’ she thought.

So she got ready for the day, and went down to the kitchen to satisfy her grumbling stomach. She saw a covered plate on the kitchen island and a note next to it.

Going for the rehearsals. Will be back before dinner, so don’t worry. I’ll fix dinner tonight. For now, eat your breakfast. And until I come back, make sure that you’ve called Elise and settle everything between you two before I come home. I’ll see you soon.

She ate the mushroom and cheese omelet Chiaki had prepared for her, and filled her glass with juice. Yet, she craved for more. After rummaging the shelves for the package her mother had sent her a few days ago, she went about making the onigiri that, as she put it, ‘she never failed at.’


Chiaki had a bad feeling as he packed his suitcase.

“Chiaki…” a voice shook him back to the present. He swiveled his head at the mention of his name.

“You okay?” asked Mine.

“Yeah, I’m fine. It’s just a weird feeling I had. I’m guessing it’s something to do with Nodame.”

“What makes you say that?”

“Call me crazy, but I only get this feeling when it’s got to do with Nodame.”

“What is it with you and your Nodame radar?” Mine ran his hand through his hair, the gesture bespoke his exasperation. After a beat, he turned back to Chiaki. “Then what’re you waiting for man? Get a move on. You’re done for the day anyway. There’s no need to linger anymore. Go home to Nodame.”
“Yeah, yeah… I’m going. No need to tell me to get moving.”

The car ride back to their home gave him time to calm his runaway thoughts. Knowing Nodame, she probably had turned the house upside down -again. As he made his way through the gates, he saw that the bedroom lights were off, and the kitchen and sitting room were bright as day.

‘I wonder what on earth is she doing? I told her I’ll be back on time to cook dinner,’ thought Chiaki as he stepped into the house.


Nodame, who was busy hunting for ice cream in the freezer, abandoned her quest. She went to the door and welcomed Chiaki home.

“Okaeri. How did the rehearsals go?”

“It went alright. There’s nothing to worry about. We’ll be ready on time,” he replied as he placed his coat on the coat hanger by the front door and his suitcase by the table standing next to the coat hanger.

“Mmm… I can’t wait to watch the opera on Friday night.”

“Hmm… I’ve got a ticket for you, so you don’t have to buy one. By the way, did you call Elize?”

Nodame’s eyes widened as one word came out of her lips, “Gyabo!”

Chiaki sighed in exasperation. “I take it you didn’t do it,” Chiaki panned.

“I… forgot.”

“Never mind… I’ll call Elize early tomorrow… wait. She’s coming to the rehearsals tomorrow. Said she wants to discuss something with me. You’ll discuss your schedules with her then since you’re attending the rehearsals tomorrow.”

He just knew she would forget to do it. These days, she was more preoccupied in raiding the kitchen…
Speaking of which… “Nodame, I’m going to make dinner,” he announced as he made his way to the kitchen while rolling up his sleeves.

Chiaki was prepared to make a great dinner for the night, but he wasn’t prepared for the utter chaos that greeted him as soon as he stepped foot into the kitchen.

Pots and pans were all over the kitchen. On the floor, in the sink, on the table, on the kitchen island... and was that nori on the counter? He brought up a hand to his head and felt an impending headache coming its way. The rice cooker was open and a familiar looking box sat next to it.

Nodame couldn’t have chosen the worst time to enter the kitchen.

“Nodame, what have you done with the kitchen?”

“I was so hungry so I made onigiri. Yes, I know you made me breakfast, but I still felt hungry. I’m eating for two, you know.”

Chiaki almost smacked his head. ‘How could I have forgotten that she’s eating a lot more these days? Oh right, I was on a rush this morning since I overslept.’ Normally, he would prepare her a larger meal to whet her appetite. Normally, Miyabi-san, their neighbor, would come over to accompany his wife whenever he had long rehearsals, even help with lunch. But as luck would have it, those two normal things didn’t happen today.

“And you decided to leave the kitchen like this?”

“Well, I was going to clean this up later... ”

He scolded himself for asking her that question, and kneaded his temple to relieve his headache.
‘Why did I even ask that question? I knew she was going to say that.’

“Never mind, I’ll clean this up and make dinner. You, Nodame, should go and watch Puri Gorota or something while I cook.”

“But I don’t want to watch Puri Gorota. They’re all previous episodes that I’ve watch too many times! If I have to watch them, I’ll need new episodes.”

“Well, why don’t you play the piano instead?”

“I don’t want to play the piano tonight,” Nodame mumbled as she fiddled with her fingers.

Chiaki felt his head tick. He wasn’t going to get dinner ready on time at this rate.

“Well, what do you want to do?”

“I want to watch you cook.”

His wife had been rather moody lately, and he recognized defeat when he saw one. There are battles that should be fought, but he knew that this wasn’t one of them.

“Alright, you can stay. But sit and eat your onigiri while I cook,” he said as he eyed the mountain of onigiri on the dining table. He knew that those onigiri wouldn’t really satisfy her hunger. But just as well, it would serve as a distraction until dinner was served.

“And don’t move from there unless there is an emergency.”

Nodame pouted in response.


Chiaki worked diligently, cleaning the mess Nodame had left in her wake and made dinner in record time.

“Nodame, dinner’s ready. Are you still hungry? If you’re not, I’ll warm them for you later.”

“Chiaki, I’m almost always hungry these days.

“So what’s this?” she asked as she nonchalantly pushed aside the half-finished mountain of onigiri.

“Chicken Cordon Bleu.”


“Why? You don’t like it?”

“No! I mean, I like it. It’s just that I’ve wanted to have this for dinner since I saw a chef make it on TV 
the other day. It looks different.”


“Yeah, it’s tastier… because you made it.”

He had to refrain from being too affected by the comment.

“And I don’t suppose you’d tell me about that tiny bit of information – about wanting to have this for dinner?” he asked.

“No! Why would I? What if you end up in one of your weird moods and make canned dinner again? Especially if you’re irritated on a particular day,” she blurted before adding, “Nope! Better to wait for you to make your great dinner when you’re particularly happy!”

Chiaki couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows at her reasoning.

‘Weird? Who’s weird? You’re the weird one, crazy woman.’

It was much like all those times when he had called her a crazy woman when he was irritated at a particular thing that she did. Yet, he couldn’t help the affectionate tone, even if it was only his inner voice talking. He couldn’t help but also think at the same time that it was the same crazy woman who had wormed her way into his life and caught his heart.

He shook his head, willing himself back to the present time. He scolded himself for constantly letting his mind wander to memories of old.

A sigh escaped him. ‘Shouldn’t have asked her that in the first place,’ he muttered.

Then, turning to Nodame, he pushed the plate closer to her. “Come on, let’s eat. The food’s getting cold.”

As they enjoyed their dinner, Chiaki couldn’t help but blurt, “You know I haven’t made canned dinner since last year, remember?”

“Ah... but judging from your moods recently, I’d rather not take my chances.”

‘Besides, that lady reporter once said that it’s always better to wait,’ thought she as she dug into her meal, oblivious to the pointed look Chiaki was giving her.

[1] From Nodame Cantabile Opera-hen, Chapter 10, page 28.
[2] Riona is a female character from Puri Gorota, a fictional anime that Nodame likes to watch.
[3] The lady reporter who partners with Sakuma Manabu, working on the Classical Life magazine. She said that to Nodame in Opera-hen.