Saturday, November 29, 2008


One to three and finally...

Last Thursday I had my final SPM paper. Hurray.

Anyway, I am kind of scared of the results. However, I will try to busy myself with fulfilling activities.

So yesterday I walked into a children's clothing store. Applied for a part-time job and got it on the spot. I start today.

The pay's not that bad; especially considering I've had no experience and I'm just fresh out of school.

My mom laughed, in fact everybody laughed when they fond out I applied for a job at a children's apparel store. Guess they thought that I would never in a million years stand in a children's store and work there.

There is a shred of truth there. Since I didn't get Borders, I decided I'd try anything else that's going to give me the experience I need. Besides, I'd get an hour break and it's only half a day except for overtime shifts. Considering that, not bad at all.

Now I better get going. Don't want to be late on my first day!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Freedom with a price

The sands in the hourglass is turning by the minute...


This Thursday shall be the day I will sit for the last subject for my SPM. It's unbelievable how fast the year had gone by.

To be quite honest, I'm worried about how my results will turn out. It's rather frightening. Physics was better for me than Bio and Chem. History... so and so... Additional Mathematics... umm let's hope for an A shall we? The others... quite okay.

After this, it's the anxious wait for the final results of SPM.

Come Friday, I plan to go job-hunting.

The usual time for SPM school leavers to find something to do as well as earn money for it I suppose.

What I really found interesting is that most of the Form 4 final paper at SMDU is almost similar to the SPM paper, especially science papers. It's mind-boggling.

And yeah.. I'm sorry but I'll have to thank my tutor Mr. Subra for coming over to give me a last minute fresher course on Physics. It proved to be rather useful.

Now I have to leave to get a head start on practicing my beloved piano.



This is a dedication to all my loved ones who have experienced a huge loss recently.

May Allah bless these souls and put them among the 'ahli syurga'.

1. My uncle's father who had passed away this morning.

2. My friend's father who passed away on the morning of Saturday, 21st November 2008.

May my brothers in sisters in Islam dedicate al-Fatihah for those who have gone from us.