Thursday, August 7, 2014

Oooh! Summer is here!

Yeah, I know it's already summer before August. Just that this post is so belated I'm going to apologize and give virtual ice cream mochi that I just made yesterday.

I would love to update the blog every now and then but real life comes and pokes its head almost constantly these days.

So... instead of posting the summary of Junketsu Kareshi <9>, I'm being kind of lazy and sick again so I'm just going to review some anime going on this Summer 2014.

1) Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun
- This one really is my favorite this season! I'm not joking. Catchy music, satirical story line, funny yet somewhat realistic (in my opinion) at times, and it managed to make me look forward to Sundays here when I can enjoy it among others! If you haven't watched it already, I highly recommend it!

2) Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei
- The story is a bit slow and they understandably couldn't stuff everything from the LN despite stretching a couple of episodes to fit each volume. However, I'm actually looking forward to how they are going to play out the Yokohama Soren-hen. It's my favorite arc by far and volume 7 is among my favorite, so I hope they will do justice to it.

3) Kuroshitsuji - Book of Circus
- Been waiting for this arc! Finally they're taking more from the manga instead of that boring 2nd season... since when did Ciel become a demon? The last time I checked (read: lastest chapter), he's still human. Back to this, I love how cheeky Sebastian is in one of the early episodes. Plus, I think this arc is quite faithful to the manga so I'm loving it so far.

4) Psycho-Pass re-edit
- Awesome. Good. Great. All those missing scenes now put into these 1-hour episodes (11 of them?) are like diamonds to me. The extras complements the already existing episodes and make them great. If you're into the philosophers and thinkers mentioned in the series, more are mentioned all thanks to the inclusion of the cut scenes.

5) Ao Haru Ride
- I think I'd prefer the manga more but I'm just going to stick to this just in case. Although I'm not sure why the lead girl irritates me but I'll ignore that feeling and see if I can hold out. It's good though. Just as I thought one Mary-sue might appear, the author douses me with cold water. Much thanks.

6) Free! Eternal Summer
- Since I followed the 1st season, I decided, heck why not?
Yeah, it's okay. Haru as usual being emotionless most of the time but with another character sowing some dark emotions, it's all good. Really. Otherwise, how on earth would I be able to withstand another Gou maniac (brothers too!) and Gou's pursuit of abs and muscles?

7) Barakamon
- It's funny but it also makes you think about certain things in life. Example: people always look up, but they rarely look down. It's true in a way. It's a gem so it might be worth your while.

Others I'm following and may review in future:
- Aldnoah Zero
- Tokyo Ghoul (must watch!)
- Hanayamata
- Glasslip
- DRAMAtical Murder
- Akame ga Kill!
- Persona 4: The Golden Animation
- Rail Wars!
- Re:_Hamatora
- Zankyou no Terror

Summer 2014 proves to be a really good season for anime. The songs played for these anime are good too and some may even be better than its anime. Right now, I'm stuck on this: Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun OP1 - Kimi Janakya Dame Mitai. It's so catchy my brain wouldn't let go of it.

So until next time. Ja ne!