Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Lemons and lemonade

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. Add some sugar. Some water makes it bearable. Now that's what you call lemonade.

It's not always happy and good in real life. The reality is that life will knock you down to your knees unexpectedly. The grim reaper may show up on your doorstep at really surprising moments. Your heels might get stuck on the pavement. That coffee you made might spill on the paper you've really worked your butt on.

You see.. that's where it matters to sit and think to make lemonades. Those lemons life keeps giving to you, they are useful to an extent. They keep you nourished. This is all figuratively speaking.

Use this pointer:
Lemon - all the bad stuff in life
Sugar - sweet memories + positive thinking
Water - thinking that there are more unfortunate people
Lemonade - A lesson learned from that experience

Why do I say the lemons keep you nourished? This is why: Whenever you experience life for the piercing reality that it is, you learn something from it. Your brain actually keeps that deep within itself. The brain is a marvellous, miraculous thing to ever appear next to the gift of life. If life throws you to your back, get up. Think positively - why did this happen? I'm sure God is thinking of me. Remind yourself that people even more unfortunate than you are right now is suffering worse than you. Lemon+sugar+water=lemonade = priceless lesson in life.

Think about it and tell me how that turns out.

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