Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A step into the unknown

Has anyone ever noticed that the school magazine is the best place for creativity for the form fives leaving the school - for the last time... They get to buy the pages they want and design funny cartoons, captions, reveal personalities of people within the class.

This year, I am 17, facing SPM and while I'm at it, also looking for a scholarship. If I can't, I'll have to get study loan which takes a long time to pay off. I am talking about the experience, final year at a school where you've spend most of your lives in. The place you spend time more than your home, more than anywhere else in the world when you are between 6 and 17.

Nowadays, we find ourselves expressing our opinions so decidedly. We find that we've seen a lot in just 17 years. It's just a small part of growing up. You'll find that once you leave school, there's a scary world out there. What we've experienced in school is just the tip of the dagger. It is the reality every student face here, or anywhere else in the world. Some earlier than us.

The sheltered life as a student is like haven on earth. Once you step on to the world of adulthood, you'll face the problems your parents have faced. Then, you'll realize how hard you parents had it. That when you're still their little girl, they took away most of the pain to have you relatively comfortable in your humble abode. To make you feel safe and sound. Leaving only a taste of it.. all the while taking most of the pain just to protect us.

As a tribute, THANK YOU to all parents out there who have done their best in protecting their children. That while you are doing so, you also leave just enough to teach them to become independent and a human being capable of so many achievements in life. That you are just there when they need you.

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