Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Mirror.. Mirror Tell Me..

It's been a long time since I last fed you guys a new entry. Last March, my family moved to a new place that's quite rural compared to the hectic city life I've lived all my life. Even going to school is a chore now. Since I am still continuing with the same government institution, I've had to wake up as early as 5.30 am to be ready by 6.30 so as to avoid being caught in morning traffic. Trust me.. when I say morning traffic, I mean literally slow movement along the expressway for about two hours. Go figure.

Anyway, back to business. We've missed out on a lot since I last blogged. The School Achievers Awards Ceremony, Prefect's Installation and Stepping Down Ceremony, the Teachers' Day celebration, Mid-Term Exams, Taylor's CLIOD programme, the trip to Monash University (Sunway Campus), NSW Maths Test.. That's a LOT.

Awards Ceremony
- nothing happenned.. except for EST only for me.
Prefects' Installation and Stepping Down ceremony
- Well, I ended my term as Coordinator aka Penyelaras Form 5
Teacher's Day Celebration
- my class danced to the Shakalaka beat. Watch the vid at the end of the post if you don't believe me.
Mid-Term Exams
-didn't do so well. At least add maths and history wasn't a C
Talyor's CLIOD programme
- It was fun! fun! fun! very interesting and exciting. Wish I could do it again.
Trip to Monash Uni.
- Got to see the new campus. It's very modern and conducive. If I ever have a chance to study there, I'd take it.
NSW Maths Test
- I think.. I did OK. Except for the last few questions which I simply calculated since I didn't have enough time.

So.. okay.. This morning I sat for the NSW English Test. I think it was fine enough. But I don't want to be confident just yet. It's tougher than our 1119 English paper but that's to be expected. 60 Qs in 1 hour. That equates to 1Q per minute. Somehow I finished with 10 minutes to spare.. for checking purposes.

Oh yeah.. this August 15th, the Inaugural Annual Prefects Dinner just us prefects is gonna be held. I can't be there but I wish I could. If all goes well, I might just head off to the holy land by the 14th. So, hope and pray.

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