Monday, September 15, 2008

Sakura-neko chan

Last night, our friendly neighbourhood security guard gave us a cat.

A kitten to be precise. She's absolutely adorable. My siblings and I looked up for names.. I wanted to name her Suki but my brother insisted on naming her Sakura. Well.. it's not so bad... If I had to compromise with my brother.. it's either Naruto or Sakura.. I'd choose Sakura a thousand times.

Anyway.. school-based trials have ended. This Thursday, it's a whole new story. This time, state-based trials. Ugh.. Less than 2 months to SPM and I'm dreading it already.

On another update.. I actually passed the UNSW ICAS Mathematics with credits! Last year I only managed to scrape participation. Thank God! As for ICAS English, I pulled a distinction out of the many possibilities. I'm very thankful for the small blessings.

On the other hand, trials have not been so good for me. I never did well in exams whenever I am infected with the flu. It's so darn irritating. In fact, I got a D for Chemistry.

But that's it for now. I have to entertain Sakura. She's starting to get bored already.

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