Sunday, March 22, 2009

Major Changes Underway...

When life suddenly sprouts turnips instead of lemons, you know you have to do something about it...

I haven't been a faithful blogger lately. Here's an excuse: the phone line was cut off so no internet connection for almost 3 weeks! Ha! How about that?

Anyway, I received my results. 8As and 2Bs. I cried because of the two Bs. At least, I thanked my teachers right after, whom, in my honest opinion have poured lots of love and knowledge my brain certainly had absorbed through those years.

By the way, I received distinctions in Physics and GCE-O English! Good news for me.

Right now, I'm trying to find relevant courses thathave to do with English Language and Linguistics though I don't mind at all doing Electronic Engineering. However, I am actually looking forward to studying my first choice and also working on a diploma of political science. I am aiming to be a lecturer OR diplomat. Let's hope I get to be the latter.

In the mean time, I am trying to enrol in language classes, particularly French and German as well as English for Business and Communication. That way I could be prepared for the challenges I would face later on when I do pursue a career in International Cooperation.

However, I am having a financial crisis. If I do not recieve a scholarship or study loan, I would have to find a part-time programme to pay for the tuition fees. If, however, I do receive one, I would be absolutely releived as my mother would not have to fork out a hefty sum of money to support my studies in uni/college. Mom would be able to pay her debts and the rent.

As for a few bright moments, I am quite content that, even without asking for rewards, my relatives still found in their hearts the compassion to award me with monetary gifts to help support my future to commend me on my SPM results.

So, without further ado, I say THANK YOU GOD! Without your blessings and compassion, I would never have the pleasures in life presented in ways I could never imagine.

By the way, I cannot play the piano anymore. Mom sold our piano to the dealer who turned out to be its first owner. So if I have a hankering to play the piano, I would have to go to my neighbour's house (we're close, by the way), just to sastisfy my addiction.

So, au revior mon ami! I'll be posting again as soon as I can.

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