Thursday, September 13, 2012

Is it me? or is it you?

It probably is a bit of both. 

When my sister told me, "Along, ever since you studied psychology and comm, you've been more patient in listening to my problems."

Yes, that's what she said.

I guess, studying whatever it is in college/university would always (almost) apply to your everyday life. Believe you me, I didn't notice whatever change she told me.

So in the end, the knowledge that you gain can be applicable not only to your job, but also your life and your relationships.

Sometimes I feel angry (I am human), sometimes I'm sad, and sometimes I'm happy. But one of the things that I hold is that sometimes, people just need someone to listen to them - like a sounding board. I've probably unconsciously learned to listen to the root of some of people's (those that I know) problems and instead of feeling angry at their lamentations, their frustrations, I take it as a wall/board (whatever you want to call it) that people just need to talk to.

There are those who bottle up their feelings and there are also those who prefer to tell someone. It's OK.

So if you want to complain (and I do it too!), talk to someone you trust. No one trusty? There's always God. There were many times when no one was willing to listen, when no one wanted to see me cry, when people cast me aside and condemned me, I turned to God. And in return, when I'm happy, the first thing to do should always be Alhamdulillah. Praise be to God. Because He is always there to listen. Human beings come and go, some will stop to listen to you and don't like you anymore... but God? God will always listen. Remember Him and His call, and He will remember you.

And each one of us is different, so even if you cry, even if you feel frustrated, it's your feelings. No one can tell you not to feel, no one can tell you not to cry. Even I cry sometimes, and it is one of the ways I let go of my burdens. People handle things differently, we don't do everything the same way like droids do. It's what makes us human.

Having said that, I think my change in perspective has allowed me to be more understanding (hopefully). Even when mom gets angry, I was thinking of what made her angry rather than why she should be angry.

And if you don't have a grandma who forgets easily, you probably won't be as understanding to people who keeps repeating themselves. Just my two cents. Life comes full circle. I've learned to accept things, having experienced burnout (of the worst kind for me!) and staying with an elderly who repeats what she says every few minutes. One day, it could be you. Being around people like that have opened up my eyes!

So all I'm saying is that to feel is to be human. Those feelings that you have... don't take it for granted. One day, if you think that you're unable to feel, remember those moments, happy moments that really impacted your life.

I'm also saying that to forget is to be human. Humans are forgetful creatures, even I sometimes forget what I wanted to get from the fridge! LOL

At the end of the day, we aren't perfect creatures. We fall, we break, we cry, but we also laugh, smile and be content. We survive, and we live (or lived). At the end of the day, it's not that perfection that I think I want, I think... I think I want contentment. To be happy with what I have (with good reason!) and to always be thankful for the little blessings. I want to be able to be with my friends at their highest and lowest moments  (and in between) because I want to be thankful for the life I've lead and the friends I've got. Even if they want to call to vent. I don't mind. =P

After all, life on earth is lived only once (though maybe not for Hindus and Buddhists), so appreciate, appreciate and appreciate!

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