Saturday, March 29, 2014

Hey, it's the end of March!

I don't know how I survived these 3 months and with this recurring illness... but I am really grateful for it. Thank God for that.


I can say I have officially worked for 3 months come Monday. So I'm planning on reading up 'A Bear Called Paddington' for the kids. Now I'm on a mission: Find the book and finish it before Wednesday. I am absolutely serious!

Instead, I had a bad headache trying to find the book. Usually I can look up from genre and then author and voila! In fact, I think I have a better time looking for books at the Japanese section. So I ended up buying Junketsu Kareshi volume 8 純血+彼氏 <8>.

The only thing I have to say is (spoilers - please highlight):

Eriya, you really, really have issues.

My thoughts about Eriya in this volume is that he feels entitled, possibly jealous of Aki and he really has no care for others except himself.

What I could get from the volume is that Eriya has had a couple of pureblood slaves like Kana and he'll never be satisfied until he gets Kana. I might be wrong but that's the impression I had.

Go ahead and read it. I don't know if anyone has translated it so ... yeah.
The positive thing about this volume is that at least the mangaka has brought up the momentum. I hope it will be as interesting, if not more in future volumes. =)

We'll see when it comes to that yeah? Until next time!

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