Saturday, March 1, 2014

Surpise! Book haul for March. ^^

Books are peculiar things. They can make you happy, sad, amused, angry, frustrated and so many emotions you never thought you could feel. I once cried while reading 'The Happy Prince'. And books, they have a different story altogether about how they came to be. Sometimes the titles were born from a whim, the books may be written out of desperation, the prose created out of anger and ideas may have come from hope. Books are such treasures that we sometimes have yet to discover the diamond buried in it.
I finally met my friend, Nithiya since we finished college and started working. We're both kind of like 'teachers' now. We both teach kids. We also love books. A trip or meetup at KLCC is never complete without a making a stop (note: looong stop) at Kinokuniya.

So today, there were so many books that caught our interest. If we could, I think we would have bought all the books in the store. I'm serious. We're serial book lovers.

I had to hold myself back. Here's what I bought:
1) Manga: Shitsuren Chocolatier (or rather, my friend paid for it as my birthday present)
2) Light novel: Tokyo Ravens 3 - Chimera Dance
3) I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith

aaand! heads up!

4) Junketsu Kareshi 純血+彼氏 Vol. 7 (Yes! You read right!)

I bought 'I Capture the Castle' because it was recommended at the store for writers with writers block. I've yet to see if it's true. (Rating: TBA)

As for Tokyo Ravens LN, I'm buying one book a month. Thanks to my friend, Jian, I didn't have to buy the 2nd book. hehe. I love you. Seriously. (Rating: *****)

I was actually reading Shitsuren Chocolatier while stuck in traffic. Seems interesting. Might follow this one! ^^b Thumbs up! (Rating: *****)

It's been a while since I read Junketsu Kareshi. I actually lost interest in it, but thanks to the cover of volume 7 depicting Eriya and Aki together, I bought it. I am well aware that it's actually time for volume 9 now but really, I fell out of love with it. I'm trying to get back to it... and so I hope the mangaka will make it more interesting.

Here's a pretty spoiler from the volume 7 (please highlight):
Eriya and Aki had a 'conversation'. Earlier, Aki told Kana that he loved her too. Because Kana confessed to Aki that she loves him (upset that Aki's 'fiance' was all over him and Aki was cool with it). So when Aki turned up with Kana in his arms and called out Eriya on the school's rooftop (Eriya enrolled in the same school), Eriya said that Aki was being mean. I didn't pay attention to their conversation but the last page mentioned Eriya saying that the 3 of them are finally together.

Just one thing: Aki, please make up your mind. I get it. You're kinda like the figure that has a precarious situation and lower vampires and other nobles might take every opportunity to bring you down. But please don't play with Kana's heart. You're handsome. But Eriya and Jin are too. 

That said, I'm giving Junketsu Kareshi vol.7 the rating: ****

I'm giving this volume a chance because Eriya is now in it. Seems interesting. Hopefully, the mangaka will keep up the momentum and then, there may be a chance of 4.5 stars.

Anyhow... time for me to get back to real life. Work. Work. Work. Responsibility calls.

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I guess you are right about not stressing about things that do not need to be stressed about.

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