Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Spring Break Ends...

As with everything else, the brief break/holiday comes to an end...

It's already the 3rd -and final- week of holidays. The spring break is coming to a close. Next Monday will mark the beginning of the Summer Semester.

Summer Semester????

Yeah, well, here, in a country where everyday is kinda like summer, there's no such thing as summer break. But I may be wrong, though. It may be just the private colleges... or am I making this up?

See what the end of spring break does to me?

It's been sweltering hot these past few months. The weather's been unpredictable, and rain may fall when it is least expected.

The spring break has been rather short for me. The first week, I was busy with the editing and finishing touches of the video exams plus its submission. The 2nd week was about cleaning the house, picking up the backlog (is that even the proper term?) of laundry, etc. and the 3rd week -this week- my grandma has come over to our house for two weeks.

Hmmm... on another note, I was thinking of going out to buy Kimchi during the weekend at the local Lotte Mart. They have home-made kimchi sold there.

This weekend will be the last for the spring break. I really want to take the opportunity to do some last minute shopping. Haha.

Then, there's the animes my friend has given me (and I really want to finish them before the new semester starts)... which I have gone through about half of them.

Happiness abound!

Hmm.. look at the time... I need to log off.

Well, ja ne!

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