Monday, January 16, 2012

I choose...

Six AM
Radio Playin'
Stumble out of bed
Runnin' out the door
A brand new day
Never thought I'd have this feeling
Never thought I'd get this far
But I'm okay

Yes, I stumble out at six AM. Sort of. Except I don't stumble out of bed. I frequently sleep on the floor with a mattress despite owning a bed and a room.

And definitely not at six. Sometimes at five, sometimes a little after six. Sometimes not at all - because I stayed up all night, studying.

Lately I have found that life is dangling a bait in front of me and pulling it away as soon as I am close enough to reach it.

Enrolling in the Personality course for 2012 Spring Semester really is a change of pace. I find the course to be interesting.

Indeed, I may find myself analysing my own personality before the course ends.

As for my other endeavours, I have not written a fic for the longest time. Music, on the other hand, is quite different for me. Despite having sold off our favorite piano, I still read piano and orchestral scores as I listen to music. Sometimes, when I know the music off the top of my head, I can picture the tones, the notes as I go along the score. I'm not very musically inclined, but I really love how the notes just progress from forte to pianissimo, the increasing velocity and sometimes the ritardando... It's like reading your favorite book over and over again.

So even if my piano isn't with me, it's quite alright when I have the scores to whet my appetite. Perhaps some day, when I can afford a digital one, I might buy it.

My piano teacher whom I met about a month ago after 3 years, asked me and my sister about our piano skills. We had to tell her we'd sold off the prized piano, but we still train our fingers as we look at piano scores.

She seemed really supportive and told us to save up for one. I remember her fondly and loved her classes although we'd sometimes play hooky and didn't have the mood to attend it. Really hope that I'd be able to play on a real piano again in future.

So here's to new wishes, new hopes, everlasting success in everything and God's blessings.

Thank you, Allah, for all you've given me thus far.

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