Sunday, August 26, 2012

AniManGaki 2012 Day 2

After AFAMY 2012, I guess I'm no longer in the excited mode... just interested! I think I'm getting used to this sort of thing...

So I decided to attend it after all. =P I was looking forward to Kyu-erien(キューエリエン)'s badges and bookmarks so I was pumped up to go (though in the end I didn't get 'em... but I will next time!).

Sorry, not much pictures except for the stuff I bought. hehe

My friend (Jian) and I were very early to avoid the jam (and potential traffic in the parking lots). We were there at around 8.30am! Since none of the shops were opened yet (and we were pretty hungry), we went walking around, getting familiarized with the place so we'd remember where we parked, and how to get to the Sunway Pyramid Convention Center.

We bought the tickets while the line was still short and people were scarce. 

We finally entered at around 10am, give or take.

Omatsuri section was there (though I didn't pick a fortune), but Jian did. She was so happy hers had good things to say.

Comic Fiesta 2012 opened up a booth near the entrance to the hall, and there was Little Akiba there as well! Here's the loot I got from Little Akiba: Moekana!

See the card next to it? ^^ I was soooo happy when I saw it. It was a special card I got as a bonus for buying Moekana then. (AniManGaki 2012 theme was high school)

While I'm ok with hiragana already, I bought the pack since it's too かわいい and that the words there should help me increase my vocabulary.

Anyway, that was during the 2nd round of going through AniManGaki 2012 after lunch. For Jian and I, we both went to Starbucks for a much needed coffee break (and while I can't consume much coffee for health reasons, I still got myself the Mocha Praline Frappucino). 

We also thought it would be fun to sit for the AniManGakuen test (beginners). I think we forgot a few, but it's ok!

While my Jian bought quite a few stuff, I satisfied myself with this badge:

This is Mio from K-On! =P She's just so shy that I can't resist not having her badge!
[Note: This is not Kyu-erien(キューエリエン)'s. Hers is too kawaii to put here. Go like her page!]

I'm looking forward to Kyu-erien(キューエリエン)'s badges and bookmarks though!

And I think we saw the duo who won the RCC Preliminaries at AFAMY last June, cosplaying as Ciel and Sebastian. We instantly recognized them, having analyzed cosplay culture then for our assignment. They were dressed as Ciel and Sebastian again! I melted hehehehe. I think I saw a recorded footage of it here. But nothing beats watching them perform live though. =D

So that's it! I'm too lazy to write anything about the AFAMY 2012 last June. We were there for an assignment, and enjoyed every last minute of it. ^^ Looking forward to the next AFAMY (hopefully!). But here's a picture from our last adventure (AFAMY 2012).

Come to think of it, didn't I see him at the AniManGaki 2012 just now? (as well?) 
[Forgive my picture there,  I was lugging around a bag filled with materials for our assignment]

If everything goes well, Comic Fiesta 2012 here I come! I'm only going for one of the two days since I'm planning to go to Kinokuniya on one of those days as well. I can only plan, the rest, I leave it to god.

Until next time then ^^

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