Thursday, August 30, 2012

[Unpublished] Teaser of the Sequel to Their Promise Ch.2

Writing is just too hard to resist! Can't help but want to give all of you a glimpse of Chapter 2 ^^

OK, so I decided to post a teaser of an unfinished Chapter 2 of the Sequel to Their Promise. The sequel will also have a special chapter. So Chapters 1 and 2 and a special chapter. This means we'll have 3 chapters in total! My muse hasn't returned as of yet, so until then, this remains to be seen. This chapter's about 70% done. I just need more ideas to fill in the empty spaces. =)

And here's a picture of them from Nodame Cantabile Finale (it's my screen cap of it. =P)

So without further ado, here's the teaser for Chapter 2 of the Sequel to Their Promise!


“Chiaki, I take it back.”

Puzzled, Chiaki couldn’t help but ask, “Take what back?”

“I’m not naming her Riona. Instead, I have a better idea,” Nodame answered with a smile. “How about Shiori?”


“Because she is proof of how far we’ve come. She’s just like a poem that is written, telling others our story.”

Looking at their newborn child, he gently caressed the pink cheeks. “Shiori...” he tested the name with his tongue. “You’ll be just perfect.”

A/N: [1] The kanji for Shiori’s name is 詩織.

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