Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Comic Fiesta 2012 (Day 2) - The excitement never ends...

Day 2: The fun continues...
I learned my lesson and boarded the LRT from Bangsar by 8am. We arrived around 8.15am and stopped by the bakery for breakfast. This time, I brought in a friend to become my photographer!

So we waited outside the KLCC Convention Center, munching on breakfast at the park. We only queued at 9am. Having tickets made it so much easier and I got to sit down much closer to the entrance and got in much earlier when the doors opened at 10.30am.

This stage event occurred much later.. hehe
As usual, I missed the opening ceremony. I was looking for my friends who were down the long line, having queued up around 9.30am. Once they were inside, it was a go. =)

For Day 2, I didn't exactly buy much. What I did buy was this:

See that black marker where I slashed 1 and made it 2? Yeah, t'was a  my work. hahaha
I didn't get the chance to watch the Solo Cosplay Competition Prelims and Finals. Reason: I joined the Animax 3-episode marathon. So Animax Asia offered either Kamisama Hajimemashita (神様始めました), Tonari no Kaibutsukun (隣の怪物くん) or Skip Beat (スキップ・ビーっト). There were goodies offered and I really love them. They're so useful!

This was given away to participants of the 3-episode marathons. I used it to stash away all items procured from CF2012. =P

These were given away to those who passed by the Animax booth
In the final hour, I actually went around the halls with Jian to take more pictures, especially GSC and Culture Japan.

Here are shots taken at the Culture Japan booth:

Mirai Itasha!

... But we didn't manage to get any GSC shot.


Oh, now I remember. While getting shots of CJ, I got roped in to play Moekana. =P

And finally, I got to see my friend ... finally! She's a volunteer at CF2012 so she is rather busy. Here's a picture of us!

We finally meet again!

I would've liked to stay there longer but I had an errand to run. Busy, busy, busy. I'm always busy. It's a wonder that I actually find time to blog and actually attend ACG events. So around 3.10pm, I called it a day. Yeah, they were holding a NCA Prize-Giving Ceremony then but errands were more important to me. Meh...

Which, by the way, meant I missed out on the meet and greet of Bless4. I can't believe it. Bless4 comes here and I still can't see them. Dang. Oh, and on the way out, I saw fans lining up to get Redjuice's autograph. They bought the artbook over at Coffytiam and were waiting for him to sign. Oh, if I wasn't trying to curb my expenses, I would've bought the artbook and lined up for him to sign it! =S

With me leaving around that time, it meant that I missed out on the activities after 3.30pm. T_T

So ends Day 2 of CF2012 - for me anyway. I really had fun and I hope to be around next year when it is held again. ^^ I said my goodbyes to my new friends and hope that next year, we'll see each other again! By that time, our friendship won't be new anymore. =P Thanks to the CF2012 committee who made this event possible and running smoothly!

And Monday, 24th December 2012 is supposed to be CJ Night Malaysia... at 5.00pm somewhere in Cheras. Due to Christmas deliveries (and the exhaustion from the weekend spent on my feet, in moderately tall wedge boots) I wasn't able to make it.

The next time it's around, I'm determined to make it. Yosh!

Some photo spam at the end of this post!

Caption this! [Umm.. is he striking my soul from the list?]


Neko-chan from K!
Really, I don't know where Chihiro is...
Was told this is Beatrice

Sebastian and Ciel!
Just look at the crowd moving! (And you can see Coffytiam's sign over the horizon.. hehe)


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Love your blog~! Love this post~!

miss.yuuka said...

Thanks! (for visiting and reading the post). And yes, CF was awesome!