Friday, December 28, 2012

K anime, Episode 13 [FINAL] in a nutshell (Spoiler warning)

It's Friday, December 28th. Which means 'K' anime has ended.

[WARNING: Spoilers ahead. Proceed at your own risk!] *Screenshots are added to this post*

In a nutshell, the battle between Kings continues with two new additions of Sword of Damocles. I'm sure you already anticipate who those two are. Weismann, as we already know, takes in Kuroh as his clansman on top of Neko. However, in the end, only a King can kill another King. We see a lot of self-sacrifice in this episode (and cue fans crying). Weismann asking Mikoto to kill him (implicitly) and after that, Mikoto making Munakata kill him. We don't know for sure if Weismann is really dead... because Weismann is, after all, the Immortal King.

Shiro saying that he is the Immortal King before he goes off to the fight

Shiro/Weismann intervening the fight
Shiro kept the colorless king inside him... to allow Mikoto to kill him :'(

My thoughts?

Why??? Why?? Oh why??

It's been a while since I cried watching anime. The final episode of the pilot season of K made me cry. I want to see Shiro, Weismann and Mikoto again! [Just so... if you notice, I did say PILOT season. They've received the green light for a 2nd season] Well, they better do a 2nd season... lots of things went into my mind... if they did die, what happened to the bodies? And then there's the light in the sky... they better not give me hope and take it away...

By the way, I concur with Munakata when he said, 'Don't give me that garbage with that peaceful look on your face' in reply to Mikoto who said, 'Sorry for making you do the dirty work.'

The aftermath... Awashima was so happy to see him alive

Munakata and Mikoto... T_T
Really... I feel you Munakata. C'mon, Mikoto... seriously? [and I feel Munakata is a nice person, who, bar all the King nonsense, would've been friends with Mikoto.] Just look at Munakata's expression as he said, 'Wasn't there something else that you could have done?'

And the scene between the two of them... T_T uwaaa!!!

Anna and Neko's reactions to the loss of their Kings really made me cry. [Neko: I'm bringing this back to Shiro!!, Ana: Mikoto!]

Also, I do agree with Awashima's view on the Kings. Theirs is a sad existence - to the point that only other Kings can relate to them. Weissman's thoughts on his research back then on the King powers really got to me. It reminds me that sometimes, even the best intentions can bring devastating consequences.

I hope that a second season of K does come to fruition. I want to watch more, I want to see Weismann, I want Shiro!! Oh, and another helping of Munakata and Kuroh. =P

Some more screenshots for your viewing pleasure!

Kuroh's expression when he tries to explain to Neko that Shiro isn't around anymore

Fushimi's expression... are? Isn't that Kuroh and Neko? Probably one of Neko's illusions

Brought tears to my eyes! As Mikoto's right hand man, this tribute couldn't have been more fitting.

Anna saying, 'A lovely red'. Couldn't agree more... :')

For now, I'll just enjoy the incredible songs from K. So if the producers are listening, please, please, don't go back on your promise for a 2nd season!

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Anonymous said...

I don't understand why Mikoto had to die.

Well, we'll see what happens in season 2 *eagerly awaits for it*

miss.yuuka said...

Me too! Mikoto and Shiro are two of my favorite characters! I really hope GoRa really stays true to their promise of S2. Hopefully, we'll see more development. Yatogami and Neko just became members of Silver clan and to suddenly lose their King seems so sad! I really cried watching the last few minutes of the final episode. ='(