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Comic Fiesta 2012 (Day 1) ~ A day of fun and many things!

It's the biggest and longest running ACG event in Malaysia. What else is there to say... other than awesome?

[An informal, personal take on the event. Will try to post a more formal report after my take on both days... maybe. hehe]

A little bit of background before we get into the juicy parts! So what's Comic Fiesta? It is the longest running ACG (Animation, Comics and Games) gathering in Malaysia. At Comic Fiesta, you will find cosplayers, art booths, commercial booths (like CJ - Culture Japan, GSC - Good Smile Company, Animax).

No pictures to share on the event for Day 1. I didn't have a camera with me (it broke down and now it's no longer usable). But I'll share pictures of my loots! Everything I bought are mostly from Day 1. And links to others who do have pictures will be included.

So... what happened?

It was a Saturday (22 Dec 2012). I got off at KLCC LRT Station at 8.30am from Gombak Station. When I arrived at the KLCC Convention Center, I was... speechless. Thank God I pre-ordered my tickets. So I didn't have to queue outside on that very long line reaching up to the Suria KLCC 'lake'.

Inside, it was another queue to pick up my tickets...

CF2012 Pre-ordered tickets! Whoppee!

... and another queue to get in. Doors opened that day at 10.30am (and everyone did a countdown to it!).

The first thing I did? Risking missing the opening ceremony, I queued at Culture Japan booth (see here for the merchandise sold) to get the Mirai Touch'nGo (and the Moekana carry case). It was a ridiculously long queue... but well worth it. =P (By the way, if you'd like to see what his booth looked like during the day itself, feel free to visit his Facebook page!

It was during this queue that I made new friends (comrades!). - Yes, I find it pretty easy to just strike up a conversation with a total stranger and end up being friends. I like to do it! Initially it was because my new friend was confused with the line so she asked me to help, but then it became so much more. I ended up spending the whole day with her!

When we reached the counter (after I bought the carry case), well, all that was available was the Tora ver. Touch'nGo.

Mirai (Tora ver.) Touch'nGo
Mirai Carry Case (cheerleader ver.)

I didn't get Mirai's winking pose that I so wanted! But oh well, something is better than nothing. Apparently, the distributors didn't expect it would sell out so quickly and they had to bring in their machine to print them. After 400 cards , the machine went 'boom!' (or so I'm told).

Behold! The power of ACG fans! =P

After that, it was a period of waiting for another comrade, Wennin... so we walked around... sightseeing... and did some shopping. =P

Inception: Mirai cheerleader... and Mirai cheerleader? =P 


Yatogami Kuroh... from K
Some bunny phone strap I got... Clueless as to its name.. =P

[Day 1 was supposed to be a day that I met Carmen, my long-time friend from French class 4 years ago... but it didn't come to fruition. Instead, I made new friends. How's that? ^^]

Anyway, there were performances by Flying Pan, Temjin to name a few (I didn't get to listen to Harmonia, Nissa Addina and Shiomaru). Some of the songs I got to listen to were from Rurouni Kenshin (Sobakasu, 1/3 Junjou na Kanjou). Brings back memories!

Also, Group Cosplay Competition! Hahaha. Well... my only comment was.. one of them was so moving.. I can't really say much about the others... But kudos to all of them who worked hard for their performance! I can't hold a candle to them so I salute them for being courageous and talented to bring their ideas to life.

The 2.00pm slot was what I was looking up to. Danny Choo on Culture Japan. A photo of it can be found here. I can't find myself in the picture. hehe. Probably somewhere far right... His talk was very inspiring (especially since some people think I'm too grown up for ACG) and even Jimmy Choo attended his talk! (Mhmm.. Big nod to him for being so supportive!)

Also, as I already know from his posts on his website, the Mirai Airlines! Aww.. かわいい!!

We also got the chance to see the preview for Japan Mode and Culture Japan. Now I wish I had Star World so I could watch Japan Mode. =S

Next up was Bushiroad. Bushiroad is famous for Cardfight Vanguard, if you don't know already. I really appreciate the big boss's effort to speak in English to us who have elementary knowledge in Nihongo. =D Sadly, my legs were cramping and I wanted to do a final walkaround the halls before I call it a day. So, I left mid-way. Gomen ne... but I did listen from afar ^^

However, I did stay long enough to know that Cardfight Vanguard is airing on TV2 on Sundays at 8.30am. So folks who love the show can now tune in to TV2 at those times.

Then at 4.00 pm was the slot for Redjuice. Don't know him?? Then you better visit his Deviantart. He is noted for his character designs in Guilty Crown (and I love those designs!). Although the story seemed to start off like a bang! and suddenly my expectations went down.... but no matter, I still love the designs.

I didn't stay long for Redjuice, my stomach was growling from staying inside the halls all day - and I didn't buy anything from their cafe (by the way, thanks Karyee for offering a snack for me ^^). Once I saw his face on stage, I was happy enough and went out... calling it a day. Which is why I missed out on 4 performances, SF4AE Fighting Game Finals and freeplay.

Anyhow, I somehow survived the day with some help from the guide we were provided with:

Event Survival Guide, complete with Stage Schedule (Copyright: Comic Fiesta 2012)

Bless4's performance was at 8.30pm. As I just stated, I didn't make it . I had to be home early so yes, I missed it. I also missed dinner with my friends... =( Maybe next time! When I don't have to rush home via LRT and KTM so that someone else could fetch me home...

So this wraps up Day 1 for me at CF2012. Stay tuned for Day 2!

#Update: You can go here to read more on CF2012~!

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