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Comic Fiesta 2013 Day 1 & 2

The annual ACG event of the year has reached an unprecedented close to 40,000 attendance! Congratulations to Comic Fiesta committee as managing that big a crowd really couldn't be easy. Kudos!

This year, the event was held on 21 & 22 December 2013. Despite having pre-ordered tickets, I went to the event late. On both days. Which means I did not get the loot bags we normally get upon entering. Which means I felt sad (still do). Which also means I don't have the booklet to scan this time =( (But that's okay. Karyee has pictures of the schedule ^^)

On both days, I entered at around noon.

Day 1: There was a career fest that I promised my mom I would go to
Day 2: My parents and my brother were busy with their Singapore trip so I looked after the house for a bit and finished some work before going out

Which is why I have asked and obtained the kind permission of my CF Nakama, Karyee so that I can post her pictures here too!

Credits: Karyee

Nothing much happened, except the confusing queue and directions got me in pretty later than I should have. I mean, I was there at around 11am but a misdirection had me waiting outside at a queue meant for normal tickets and half an hour later, I got fed up and asked someone else and was finally pointed to the right direction and claimed my tickets:

I really, really love their ticket design

Since I missed the countdown, I didn't have to squeeze myself in this:

Look at the crowd queuing! It's not even the main entrance!
Credits: Karyee

Which I'm glad for, but sad too.

I was in a rush, to be honest. The only thing I did on that day was drop by Kyu-erien(キューエリエン)'s booth to buy her stuff (as support and I like her stuff anyway) and to see her cosplay, in addition to watching the group cosplay competition. And hang out with CF nakama.

I missed out on this:

Awesome intro! Credits: Karyee

Comic Fiesta gets even more epic each year. Big names coming in this year such as Ikkyu-sensei, Vofan, Yuegene Fay and the returning ones like Redjuice (famous for Guilty Crown), Danny Choo (Culture Japan) and many others. ^^

So here are the schedules for those 2 days:

Credits: Karyee

Credits: Karyee
< (Left) Of course, it's not Comic Fiesta without Coffytiam!

And here's the main stage for CF2013! (Below)

Credits: Karyee

They even have an epic trailer. Please go here to view it. It is awesome.

I don't have pictures of the group cosplay photo taken by myself but here's the loot I got from Kyu-erien(キューエリエン) on Day 1 =)

It's going to be necessary for me to put this at my door prior to recording/dubbing sessions

However, the only photo of a cosplayer on that day that I managed to get was the first picture I took on that day:

Isn't he just soo huggable!

Anyway, I was rushing on that day so I left after group cosplay competition. I heard Danny Choo talking during his slot at 3.30pm though. =)

Just a fun fact: I wore a complete formal on this day. With blazer. It was for the potential interview. Some people might have thought I was trying to cosplay a character. Haha. Either that, or someone might have thought I was sneaking off work attending CF. =P

Credits: Karyee
Since I missed out on quite a lot and didn't take much pictures despite being there, my CF nakama, Karyee, allowed me to post the pictures she took on that day. *Standing ovation, all applause!*
Credits: Karyee

< (Left) This awesome intro to the group cosplay competition just got the excitement mounting.

And these were the judges! (Look right) >

The group cosplay wasn't really memorable but I salute them for trying their best. They're braver than me! (See below)  

Some of the group cosplays. Credits: Karyee

I didn't stay back for the rest since I went to PWTC instead. Ya know, career and all that. pffft. haha

So now we're on to Day 2. (Notice that I didn't cover the performance? I'll do that at the end of the post).

Credits: Karyee

One word to describe Day 2.


I didn't have a problem with the queue this time. Improved from Day 1. Much relief, thank you!

For the first time, I stayed until around 6pm since my family's off in Singapore enjoying the USS.

Pictures galore!

< (Left) I got this from Mori Mori booth. This is a phone strap of my zodiac. She has lots of other cool stuff and I would really like to own her Steins;Gate items. Perhaps next time!

I got this for free. They were giving these away so I'm gonna give it to Jian since she couldn't make it this year. (Right) >

This is my CF nakama, Karyee. She's good at drawing.
She's also the one taking most of the pictures I am unable to take
and therefore has given me permission to post here. ^^b
Here's a closer look at her drawing:

Isn't she talented?! Me is jelly (Bad grammar intended).

I haven't been drawing for quite some time so all I managed was the bad chibi you see in the picture giving an eye to her pretty fairy (or a pixie?). I'm bad at it but I'm slowly improving. I'm getting better at photoshop painting, though.

Which reminds me that I promised Karyee I would digitally paint this doodle of hers (which she did while we took a break. haha).

I like this drawing. Once I finish my assigned work,
my brain's screaming to draw something. Suenaga Mirai, to be specific.
First, I need to paint this.
Anyway, the following are snapshots of the solo cosplay competition. It was hilarious!

I love the Assassin's Creed cosplayer, Altair. Death by song indeed!

This one is Altair in his first skit. He was singing a song for his Maria.
Then, the finals for solo.

Altair unlocking achievement: Killing 100 bunnies - With a song, apparently.
Credits: Karyee
Altair clutching a bunny on his left and playing his guitar, ending his song with: "Oh bunny, the man who killed all your friends with a song ... is right next to you". Rabbit died.

As the emcees say, 'It's CF. Nothing makes sense.'

I totally agree!

*clutches stomach, rolling in laughter because of his creativity* (I am sad because I love bunnies though).

So the rest of the solo cosplayers in the competition are here:

By the way, the Assassin's Creed cosplayer won. ^^

If you want to catch it (or missed it and want to watch it), watch part of it here.

Did I mention we had Thor and Loki in the house? Only my friend had a picture of Thor only.

Credits: Karyee
As for the rest of Day 2, it was all about taking pictures with some cosplayers. Was it my imagination or did more cosplayers turn up this year on Day 2?

Credits: Karyee
*I'm gushing over Mephistopheles*
I cropped some so that I didn't appear in them. Haha.

And I took the opportunity to take pictures of the displays =)
(Karyee's are included)

A collection of nenderoids, etc. available on display at CF2013.
Some credit goes to Karyee since I compiled hers with my photos.

Before I ended the day, I managed to snap a photo with Danny Choo himself! He was very friendly and sporting about it.

Finally! After so long ^^
Thank you, Danny Choo!
And that was the end of my CF2013 experience.


I promised to cover some performances didn't I?

Alright, I really, really enjoyed the performance this time 'round. 
The usual and we have a new one: One Piece!

Here are snippets of the performances:

*I will upload here once I have time to edit the videos. They're upside down at the moment. For now, I have to focus on editing, translating and dubbing videos assigned before my deadline. Job calls.*

I didn't get to record the whole thing, so if you want, you can catch it on YouTube. I'll be nice enough to provide some of the links =P All these links DO NOT BELONG TO ME. I am only providing them to you so you can easily find them. Please open them on a separate window, please.

This link is obtained from and is available on
Harmonia ACG YouTube account.
Be sure to check them out!

The band One Piece performed quite well. They're an amateur Japanese band. Had fun with this one. =)

They sang songs from One Piece. Please support the uploader 
by visiting his youtube and watching it there.

Here are a few more links:

5 Minute Harmonia - Guren no Tsubasa [LIVE] @ Comic Fiesta 2013
LOVERIN TAMBURIN (I really loved this one!)
Ashita E No Sanka - Bin Yun & Shiomaru (Comic Fiesta 2013) (I really, really loved this one!)

There's also Livetune, which you can catch on YouTube also. I've embedded the YouTube video of ENDGAME Day 2 ft. Livetune here. You can open it on YouTube instead where you'll find CF2013 related videos. ;)

Here are some pictures of the performers:

Bin Yun & Shiomaru

One Piece

So that's it for Comic Fiesta 2013. Now I'm going back to work and hope to see all of you again next year!

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