Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Happy (belated) Chinese New Year!

I've been meaning to post a Chinese New Year greeting here but I've been so busy with work. Honestly, I go home, sleep, wake up, go to work. Repeat 5 times a week. I'm teaching new classes lately and it's taking some time to assimilate and getting to know the kids.



Here's a bit of a trivia for today:
23 years ago, I was born on the 1st day of the Year of the Goat. So every year, I make it a point to celebrate Chinese New Year on top of my birthday. Each year, it'll be only about 2 weeks apart. Way to make the most of it! hahaha

What's even more wonderful is that I am always blessed with oranges each year during Chinese New Year until my Gregorian calendar birthday.

How great is that!

So here's to taking a break from anime/manga/LN posts. (and I think JLPT results will be posted to my house sometime soon. O_O )

and of course,

Thank you for your support! Celebrating more than 3,000 visits to this blog by giving all of you virtual mandarin oranges! I'll definitely post more manga/LN summary when I have time.

Until then, ja ne!

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