Thursday, October 30, 2008

All About Studies ~maybe a little of HSM3

A thought bunny jumped at the last minute...

Really... it happened to me. I've been feeling rather moody and out of sorts this week. This might be the main contributor to why I have not been updating regularly for the past few days -make that a week. If you think I'm lazy.. that might be closer to the truth than I am willing to admit.

I found that studying outside in the evening when no one is around is the best way to enjoy my biology textbook. That, and having Sakuraneko-chan playing in the background.

It's quite cool and comfy at 6 p.m. outside so it's a good time to sit on the makeshift bench outside to properly absorb the text. At least then there will be less temptations and distractions.

Did I tell you about the High School Musical on the big screen? I think not.

My mother thought it was the best out of the three. I'm inclined to agree with her. Before you ask, my mother was there as there were 7 young cousins that I had to look after. At least she took care of two of the younger ones. I get to take care of the slightly older ones. The downside of it is that I used up my savings from the money/gifts my relatives have given me to pay for their tickets. Trust me... if I hadn't made the order online for a morning screening, I wouldn't have had the early-bird discount.

On another stressing news; I am currently going on a scholarship/sponsorship hunting spree. I'm open to options. I'm not averse to taking up IB diploma programme if I'm unable to secure CAL A-Levels. STPM is the last resort as is Matriculation.

Hence, I am signing out now so that I may concentrate on swallowing my History textbook.


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