Tuesday, October 7, 2008


There's always a first time...

This year, we celebrated the first day of Eid at home. Believe me, it's very boring. We ended up sleeping by the time it was three in the afternoon.

My family and I made for my mom's hometown in Muar, Johor the next day. My grandmother didn't show it but secretly, I think she was quite glad we visited her. Anyway, we were ensured a full and tiring schedule. Visiting relatives after a year of estrangement would surely spark lengthy conversations.

In the meantime, my aunt went to a wedding which turned into a funeral when the young lady who was supposed to get married died instead. Turns out, she had a hole in her heart which went undetected.

The day after, I visited my grandma's cousin. She's part Chinese and I saw a few newspapers in the language within the compound. Did I mention that the husband sells used cars. Some of them are cool and awesome.

We also visited my aunt' mother. She suffered from stroke so she had been unable to take care of herself. She cried when she saw so many people visiting her.

Then at around 8pm, after a meal of 'bee hoon sup', we left for home. My grandmother looked at me and asked, 'Are you really going home so soon?'. I was rendered speechless. Really.. I didn't know how to respond to that. Of course, it was entirely up to my parents. I looked at her apologetically and whispered a yes.

We arrived home at around 11pm. Then we received news that one of my uncle's mother-in-law had passed away. God bless her soul.

Sunday, we had an open house. Yes... eat all you can. I made shepherd's pie. My sister made brownies. My mom made asam laksa/mee rebus fusion and Nasi Lemak. I also made the highly popular sirap selaseh with kasturi lime.

None of my friends were there... I wasn't able to contact them. My sister's friends, on the other hand managed to make it. The brownies were a huge hit. So did the pie and sirap selaseh.

That night, we topped it off with a visit to our neighbour living across the street. We ate and talked all night until it was 10pm. I was so tired but my parents were still in the mood for talking. I think they thought that the children must be tired for they decided to take leave.

So that's it! Nothing special but meaningful nonetheless. Sure surprises pop in every now and then .. (i.e. death) but I still think Eid is a day to be cherished.

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