Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The next few days will be memorable...

Hurray! Friday's THE day. Graduation day. It feels melancholic but at the same time, it marks the beginning of a new journey.

I know that graduating from high school is a huge deal. Some are unfortunate to be unable to finish their secondary education. I consider myself blessed and lucky to be able to continue to further my knowledge in the fields I love and cherish.

Well, now that we've come to that... The rehearsals, robe fitting will be held tomorrow. The only things that mars all of this is the fact that my bestie is not going to the graduation ceremony. Too lazy, according to her.

Anyway, there will be a trip to Kelana Jaya this Thursday. There's this tertiary education convention with all the prestigous institutions taking part. It'll be exciting for sure. My only hope would be that the participants won't be MIA on that day. Otherwise, trip's cancelled. It's a chance of a lifetime!

As a side note, I'd like to announce that I have created a website with the sole purpose of publishing my fiction works -including school essays. You may visit http://publiclyunveiled.weebly.com to see for yourself.

To remind all blog readers, SPM (Malaysian Certificate of Education) examinations is just around the corner. In about a month or less.. to be precise, 11th of November, the SPM examinations will begin. Let us do our very best and pass with flying colours. Besides, for SMKDU student, you all have about a week excluding Friday next week off since PMR students are sitting for their public exam. So use the time wisely. I'd even go so far as to extend this advice to myself for I believe I hardly follow my own advice.

That's it for now. Ganbatte ne!

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