Thursday, September 18, 2008


Nobody said it was going to be easy...

Really... I mean, since when trials have ever been easy. Today I sat for Biology Paper 2 and Paper 1. Paper 1 was multiple choice so I think I did okay... I hope.

Paper 2 ... can you tell me what they mean when they show you a polypeptide chain and ask about process Y? What is the process which breaks down polypeptides? I can't remember... I'll look it up later in my textbook. The essay section was quite okay.. I mean inheritance, variation was okay... kind of. Here's the kicker.. I totally forgot that humans have 23 chromosomes only! Chromosome 23 are the sex chromosomes, X and Y. I didn't know what came over me. At least I might get the 2nd subsection right.

Anyway.. I'm having Chemistry papers 1 and 2 tomorrow. Physics is on the day after tomorrow. I'm trying to remember all industry processes and salts properties as well as structures of carbon compounds and everything that has to do with chemistry. I hope I won't forget how to calculate tomorrow as I often do during exams... I seem to experience temporary memory loss during exams.. Just so convenient..

I'm getting started on Portrait of a Lady by Henry James. The book seems quite foreboding considering the typeset and paragraphing. Mind you... I borrowed a thrift edition from my aunt. In fact, I always prefer to buy thrift edition of classics.

Just so you know, I expect to have slow progress with the book seeing as I have a week full of Pure Science and Maths to look up to. Yay me :(

But still... I did pick Pure Science.. so I have to deal with my choice. That means I have to study now.. and this means I have to say bye bye.

I'll talk about the book when I've finished it.

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