Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I am so in trouble.

I did not study for the trials.. in fact, I couldn't even concentrate during the exams itself. How do I expect to get distiction if I couldn't do that?

So.. I'll be busy getting ready for Thursday's Biology essay, construct and multiple choice papers, that is, paper 1 and 2. Paper 3-practical will be on Thursday next week. I'm going to nail Bio paper once and for all. I CAN do it, I just need to put a lot more effort into my studies. Lately I have been slacking off like you won't believe an SPM candidate will ever do. In the end, I learnt my lesson.. If I don't study, I'll just get a credit. I want a high distinction, not just credit because that's just who I am.

I wonder when I turned from a demanding perfectionist into a slacker. I gotta wake up.

Anyway, Sakura neko-chan pooed on my brother's bed last night. She did it again! Yesterday morning, she pooed on my aunt's sofa. She's lucky it's leather. As punishment for soiling my brother's bed and leaving a VERY long-lasting odour, Sakura is to stay outside for the whole week until she is potty-trained -properly.

My Physics tutor is coming at 4.30 this evening and my sister only lets me use the laptop for a lousy 45 minutes so this is it.

Maybe I'll have time sometime tonight since tomorrow is a public holiday.

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